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redratbike 24th September 2016 08:40


Originally Posted by Jeffr4 (Post 82995)
It has been done as a one-off in the US 2012

Although I donot like the proportions in the front,(front lights/ wings ) it has been an example for me to choose the 986 for the 550 coupé gullwing

Looks huge in the last pic

Probably suspension plus a part in the front wing shape

Jeffr4 24th September 2016 11:41

It should not be looking huge, as you can keep the right proportions, if you take the same wheelbase as the 986 and it even looks better, the width is about 2 Inches wider, which is great for the mid inner metal support frame, the length in the back is oke and about 12 Inch shorter in the front, but if you take off the bumper and also the black grp bumper fits perfectly.
This all considering the line and heigth of the door line and front wings. I will change the back wings into original 550 spyder ones, which are a bit more it !
More details like split window in the back, trunck, original round taillights,metal air intake, the Neumann Porsche 550 front with the larger side intake, classic style side louvres etc.
So no slight scale issues.....

gilburton 1st October 2016 15:12

Z3 hardtop
How about making the Z3 practical and have a removable fastback hardtop along the lines of the 250 (or M3 coupe) but using the Z3 original windows.
It would use the original hood windscreen clips and some overcentre clips either side of the door (mgf style) and a couple in the boot.
It would have a rubber seal along the bottom edge and would drop in to the boot channel (lid removed).
Might be worth chopping the rear end off a damaged 250 body kit and experimenting??
It could be sold with the normal type add on bodykits so could be manufactured cheaper and the buyer could alter the car as time/money allowed.
eg kit
A hardtop
B sills
C rear wings or back end
D front end/wings
C complete kit
Any combination of these on their own could be fitted and manufacture would be simpler/cheaper.
Of course the same principle could be applied to other base cars.
Just some random thoughts from when kitcars were a cheap way of recycling old cars and not an expensive hobby lol

Jaguartvr 6th October 2016 11:42

How about a Decopod? Shouldn't take Chris more than a weekend to knock one of these up!

In fact looking at the video gives me another "need" What could you mount a DS23 cabrio onto? Scimitar maybe?

molleur 21st October 2016 19:01

I am drooling over this one!

zagmad 22nd October 2016 18:55

Piaggio mp3 I think. Stripped of all plastic leaving the frame and dials. Does look qwerky but also slip stream and retro. Cafe racer. Front headlights. The last one had one side door

zagmad 2nd November 2016 15:12

I was thinking as you do,on a Sunday morning in bed. What else could a z3 be made into. What about a 70's muscle car of the Aston type. Dbs v8 1970's . Hard angular lines.

Triumph Special 2nd November 2016 17:59

I'd like a 240Z. :)

DaveP 2nd November 2016 20:47

A 240z ! Now you're talking ....

275NART 4th November 2016 19:08


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 84025)
I was thinking as you do,on a Sunday morning in bed. What else could a z3 be made into. What about a 70's muscle car of the Aston type. Dbs v8 1970's . Hard angular lines.

An xjs would make a good donor for this.

zagmad 7th November 2016 15:51

What happened to me toads porker

zagmad 25th November 2016 19:05

Ken blocks mustang looks quite mean,low and wide

Barber 27th November 2016 10:17


Originally Posted by molleur (Post 83742)

As well you might. Lovely.

I tried to tempt Chris with this, but there is no way he can take it on.

Does anyone have any ideas on a close approximation?

It is an Alfa Giulietta SZ Coda Tonda by the way. I prefer the round tail to the cut off one.

zagmad 27th November 2016 10:36

Well the tiny pic one could be done with the back that was on mine if Chris hasn't smashed it up and dumped it.the time it looked like the Maserati. And angled it down a bit prob best on a z3 as the front is shorter

lancelot link 27th November 2016 12:18

I'd start with a 356 Coupe , if it was me ...

molleur 27th November 2016 14:18

Or, a VW Karmann Ghia for the doors, glass and roofline.

Roadster 27th November 2016 14:53


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 84480)
I'd start with a 356 Coupe , if it was me ...

I agree - porsche 356 coupe with a lightly modded z300s front clamshell

Barber 27th November 2016 15:17

Thanks chaps. Chris suggested the Porsche as a start. I can see how that might work, but the hunchback would be a bother to deal with as I would love to do it on a Z3 or MX5. I think WCAs short nose version comes close at the front, but the lights would need to be recessed a la MX250.

Given that I may not have to modify the mechanicals too much, that only leaves the bodywork to resolve - still a big ask for a complete novice. Any suggestions on how to learn about glassing other than the university of You tube? Also, where to find the Porsche Coupe shells at a reasonable price (I've checked the kit suppliers).

I could do my original idea of a kobra rear with wheel bulge extensions towards the doors to smooth out the muscles look, WCAs short nose with modified lighting housings and something like Roadster's targa top (more glasswork learning curve).

Probably would look nothing like I imagine though.

Roadster 27th November 2016 18:32

Barber - learning fibreglass is easy - mastering it needs practice.

Confidence grows fast as each project gets completed.

Spend £15 at Halfords for a David's fibreglass kit (same people as P38/ P40)
and play.

If you take the plunge you can buy from a glassfibre supplier and the prices get better and so does the choice of products

zagmad 27th November 2016 19:49

This version of Alfa does have deep wings which would allow the z3s suspension set up. Long as it rolls into the arches bit like the disco volante. Porsche shape does lend itself to this to a point. Bit like the yellow car but with Alfa grill shape.

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