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Jaguartvr 7th March 2017 05:18

Works for me, just needs to be a little longer front and rear from the wheels back.
Thanks DSG4ME

smash 7th March 2017 12:27


Originally Posted by DSG4ME (Post 86635)
For all those that wanted a BMW E46 Daytona Style Convertible.

Not sure about Daytona, but you do appear to have made a Ferrari 400 convertible replica!!


Jaguartvr 7th March 2017 12:46

Lots of 4001's were chopped into Daytona spiders. I think it will work.
Just need that cheap kit. I was bidding on a horrible shell last year. Just a splash mould, the rear and doors were all one mould and it was only outer panels. Lot of work but doable. Whoever won it must have really wanted it because I think it went for double what it was worth. Just waiting for the buyer to come to his senses and bung it back on Ebay.
Word from Chris is that the 275 is on hold, so it's another 250 or Cobra. Not sure if the enthusiasm is there for either and Brian is no longer selling the 2fifty as a kit as he can't cope with all the orders, don't blame him.

zagmad 7th March 2017 14:44

Think id work with the indebt on the side skirts and stretch it across guiding your eye along the length. Make the back end a little longer to the make the lines sleeker. And definetly lower by 40mm minimum.

zagmad 7th March 2017 14:54

Doing a rough guestimate the front too is about the tyre diameter again in front . So overhang will help make it look sleeker and sporty. Plus room for a turbo charger ;-).

Jaguartvr 7th March 2017 14:57

If you put it on an M3 or even a 330, you won't need a turbo.

The 400 is pretty but I think with the higher Daytona boot and the longer more aggressive front the Eeytona should look even better.

Lucky@LeMans 7th March 2017 17:41

The 2+2 Daytona would look better with the roof down. The proportions in real life would probably work with the BM donor.

427SSSS 14th March 2017 16:29

GT40 on MR2 chassis
1 Attachment(s)
How about a GT 40 on a Toyota MR2 chassis, similar wheelbase?

zagmad 14th March 2017 18:12

Maybe could join a t bar panel to the door

lancelot link 14th March 2017 21:26


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 86651)
Word from Chris is that the 275 is on hold, so it's another 250 or Cobra. Not sure if the enthusiasm is there for either and Brian is no longer selling the 2fifty as a kit as he can't cope with all the orders, don't blame him.

I don't blame either of them ... Chris has enough products and workload for now with his current range ..If I was him , I would hold off on development until (if) some of the current range slow down a bit ...Development is time consuming and expensive as well as stressful and customers will always want something different if you suggest you are flexible ... He works bloody hard coping with what he has now , production is full time for Tribute and they still take projects on board too .....

I suspect that part of Brian's decision is workload , but also I think , the best way he can secure the strong turnkey prices of these cars is by keeping them fairly exclusive and not having that turnkey price forced down by home-built examples entering the market place .... It's a position most kit suppliers would love to be in , but for most , regular income and turnover dictates the sale of kits to survive ..

Jaguartvr 15th March 2017 06:45

Shame because the 275 looked as if it was ready for production. I would want the convertible and it seemed that Chris converted the 250swb to the convertible so quickly. I'm sure he could do the same with the 275.
I do also miss the development posts, it's nice to see what other builders are up to and pinching the good ideas but watching a new Tribute model being developed was almost magical.

Lucky@LeMans 15th March 2017 11:43

I think it will still happen, just give it time. From what I understand Chris has other things going on in his life and is busy getting existing orders out for his popular range of cars.

zagmad 25th March 2017 19:48

Ads for the new fast and furious movie have shown images of the corvette c2 lowered and wider . Looks awesome with the wide black wheels. Makes the sharp lines pop.

zagmad 28th March 2017 18:06

This ones for dsg4me. Could you overlay an outline of the side view of a Aston db4 2vev over a mk1 mx5 and scale it down to the mx5's wheelbase. Just for fun. Its the obe with the slight hump in the boot

molleur 28th March 2017 18:38

The 2VEV track is narrower.
The correct wheelbase is 93 inches.
Track Front = 54 inches
Rear 53.5 inches

NB Miata
wheelbase = 89 inches
F Track = 55.3 inches
R Track = 56.3 inches

So with a mere 4 inch difference in wheelbase, and a similar track (workable) is could be a possibility. Engine/gearbox placement
could be an issue with the gear stick lever winding up between the seats. The DB4GTZ has the engine mounted pretty far forward with two cylinders reaching over the front axle center-line. I too, have looked at this closely.

DSG4ME 29th March 2017 11:48

molleur 29th March 2017 11:55

Wow! Looks like that would work pretty well, thanks.

Jaguartvr 29th March 2017 12:45

Looks good but still stuck with a puny 1.8. Would if fit a Z3 or Z4?

The other thing to bear in mind is that it seems that the later MX5's are suffering from rust which you would avoid going the BMW route.

molleur 29th March 2017 14:03

It should fit if the body is stretched in front of the cowl by about 4 inches.

PTL 30th March 2017 12:24

I should like, if at all possible, an MX5 based, updated MGBB GT Sebring. Not a replica but more of an inspired by.

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