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zagmad 30th March 2017 15:53

This is what I mean about backing the wrong horse. To get the vev1 classic look the headlight area had to be open and short which didn't work on the mk1. The mk2 mx5 in the picture/diagram shows it has better space for a short front. And as mentioned the boot space has to be compromised to get the lines to work. Use of the new boot space though can be used with a small squish bag. Possibly moving the battery terminals to inside the car or a new bracket in the new boot space with extended base. The swb shape is excellent to get the outline and lighting. Had I known this I would of spent more time aiming for the 2 vev version which was more track focused. Such is life.

zagmad 30th March 2017 20:10

Ferrari 330 gtc ?

DSG4ME 31st March 2017 12:04

zagmad 13th May 2017 18:45

Could you do the same with the overlay. But this time place a 1965 mustang fastback over the mx5. Looking at the side window it could work with the curvy side window.

mazdarazmataz 13th May 2017 18:49

This, if I haven't posted it already.

Chris seems quiet these days?

Jaguartvr 2nd June 2017 07:09

Mercedes 190
What could Chris put this on?

couerdelion 2nd June 2017 08:41


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 88487)
What could Chris put this on?

Would go on top of an SLK (R170). Which would be great as I have one of those :)

Edit: Website

Jaguartvr 2nd June 2017 09:11

Not exactly a bargain and simple build!
I'm more into Chris's "Stickn "N" Gluen" philosophy!

couerdelion 2nd June 2017 11:34


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 88489)
Not exactly a bargain and simple build!
I'm more into Chris's "Stickn "N" Gluen" philosophy!

Yeah, me too.

Would love to see a tribute car based on the SLK though! Plenty of them out there. Cheap enough, great engines in the 230's (2.3 Supercharged) and the R170's are easy enough to work on without loads of electric wizardry

WorldClassAccident 2nd June 2017 12:16

Got to be a bit careful with Merceds, the have form :

WorldClassAccident 2nd June 2017 12:23

great engines in the 230's (2.3 Supercharged)

The 5.5 V8 isn't too shoddy either, especially with Kleemann S8 upgrades including a fookin great supercharger


zagmad 8th July 2017 12:50

:tea:Something that looks like neri and bonacini studio gt due litri would be nice minus the pop up lights

Barber 8th July 2017 18:49

Just to destroy my credentials for posting on a car enthusiasts site, that looks like a fat lads internal organs.

Jaguartvr 21st August 2017 12:46


I recon Chris could have one ready by next weekend based on a Herald:shocked:

Barber 21st August 2017 12:49

Love the boat tail

zagmad 21st August 2017 19:24

Maybe a scimitar would allow more scope for a low slung body and shorter screen. Lights look fancy.

Car photographer 7th September 2017 23:55

A while back on this thread I suggested a Porsche speedster built on a boxster donor - looks like someone's about to build some

molleur 8th September 2017 00:22

Starke has not produced anything yet!
Selling places in line I assume. Lots of noise on

redratbike 8th September 2017 04:45

I am not surprised it was a good idea but $60-130k !!!

Car photographer 8th September 2017 08:09

I know - bit steep!!

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