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Jaguartvr 29th November 2017 07:00

One for Chris, a real winner!
I think Chris should buy this and offer it as a kit. He just couldn't go wrong, this time next year he would be a millionaire*

* This statement could include lies.

Barber 29th November 2017 07:11

I think the only suitable response is "WTF? "

All the refinement of a hot tub.

lancelot link 29th November 2017 07:28

BEEN SITTING IN A GARAGE 15 YEARS ....Not long enough in my opinion !

love the solution to door handle , filler cap access on the wide body ...

Aynal -i Garage in the first pic pretty much sums it up really ... something to do with Leepu and Bernie ?

oxford1360 29th November 2017 07:33

That was my thought; "Leepu! What the bloody 'ell 'ave you done?"

IanA 29th November 2017 08:02


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 92188)
... He just couldn't go wrong...

One of a kind. A real head-turner. Be the envy of your friends.

retro200 29th November 2017 08:36

looks like it came out of a "kinder egg", good waste of a nice set of alloys too, lol

DSG4ME 14th February 2018 04:48

Now what do you get if you cross an Italian with a German? A Chinese!!! Check this out.

This full electric sportscar is called the Suzhou Eagle, although I would call it a Porschrarri doesnt look too bad.

Maybe one could create a bodykit to update old Boxters.

Redandy 15th February 2018 11:17

if it was red it'd be lightning mcqueen

redratbike 27th July 2018 13:40

how about this based on a z3

1956 BMW E07 – 'BMW i8'

taken from

Lucky@LeMans 21st December 2018 14:55

1 Attachment(s)
Thought I would start the ball rolling as we are just around the corner from the new year. I'm sure Chris and Dan will be thinking about what to come up with next.

This one is easy, they already have the front end and the doors...…...

smash 21st December 2018 15:11

And easy quarterlight fix if they went the Chimeara route

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