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WorldClassAccident 4th March 2014 17:09

I would offer to swap but your is the wrong color

slangenracing 5th March 2014 08:24

Sauber C9. If i could build this, i couldnīt build anything thet beats this! First car to break 400km/h in lemans. 5 litre twin turbo v8. 900 qualifying hp... The end!

WorldClassAccident 5th March 2014 09:17

Not quite a Sauber C9 but this is my daily driver. A nice normal looking SLK

with a 600hp supercharged 5 litre V8!

DSG4ME 5th March 2014 10:42

Very nice indeed. Powerfull and reliable but as a daily driver how are the M.P.G. ?

WorldClassAccident 5th March 2014 11:12

35.7mpg avg on Southampton to Stevenage

somewhat less when 'pressing on'

slangenracing 5th March 2014 12:08


DSG4ME 7th March 2014 08:07

What about a Porsche 911 with Porsche 356 Carrera body panels ? A sort of mix between old and new.

I don`t know if something like this has been done before.

zagmad 7th March 2014 14:50

im not sure but they do do some replicas of old porsche's with 1.4 polo engines what period im not sure. possible donor could be the toyota mr2 mk3. for me use of the boot is a good thing as it means use for short get aways with the mrs round country roads not just for weekends and when the hot yellow thing comes out from the clouds. the 24hr lemans looks good. bit of lowering required to get the right stance at the back but doable.

zagmad 7th March 2014 15:01

convertibles like the mx5,z3 have hardtops that could have a mold taken and the line from the b pillar could be softened to give the lemans look using that hardtop. suspension would require lowering 50-60mm. clever use of offsets and wider panelling might be able to help avoid putting spacers on for insurance company's that are sensitive to such modifications.

Ollie 7th March 2014 17:11

I love Porsche 356's, and i really love early 911's, but if someone started cutting up 911's to create 356's i'd have a heart attack.......

landmannnn 7th March 2014 19:17


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 53125)
35.7mpg avg on Southampton to Stevenage

somewhat less when 'pressing on'

About 5mpg at a guess.

WorldClassAccident 8th March 2014 08:48

About 5mpg at a guess

Probably but you can't 'press on' for very long on public roads so it isn't too bad

zagmad 12th March 2014 17:21

right here goes. de tomaso panterra, wedge shape cars ive got masserati bora,ferrari 280, magnum pi style ferrari wedge shaped and yes i know these cars are mid engined but why not use a mx5/z3 as the windscreen and side doors for them works quite well. plus could adapt a hardtop to targa top. if panels are put behind the seats. some may find it offensive that ive suggested using front engine rear drive car but when on a budget and need for multi purpose it seems logical

zagmad 12th March 2014 17:27

eg aerodynamics of sports car with a boot for the weekend away trip or hols in a beach villa with the mrs. cant really refer to them as gt cars as mid engine usually means all out race car.

landmannnn 12th March 2014 17:40

Jaguartvr 12th March 2014 18:44

I like that, ultra retro!

DSG4ME 21st April 2014 11:10

How about a VW Beetle based VintageStyle Bugatti Veyron !!!

Mister Towed 21st April 2014 12:33

I like that, is it for real or just a photoshopped concept?

DSG4ME 21st April 2014 13:12

I'm not sure if its real or not but it looks awsome.
I bet Chris could build one if he wanted.

Tribute Automotive 21st April 2014 18:50

It's a very good photoshop. I like most wheeled things, but not generally VW's.

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