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jmc14 7th November 2014 01:04

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I'm optimistic about the future.

The windshield is actually available. Sitting down? 5000 eruos! I won't be using that. For where I am in the US I will be able to use a lower polycarbonate windscreen. Like the one in one of the new pics. If safety glass is needed I think that a Porsche 550/356 windshield could be made to work well. It is the correct width and it is available in 3 heights.

It reminds me of the Ferrari P4 too.

It may be possible to fit the body to a Fiat X19 or an early MR2. But, it is my intention to build a dedicated space frame.

Here are a couple of other pics.

Scottie22 7th November 2014 06:47

Nice looking car!

What a simple dash and interior, it makes me weep! Why couldn't mine have been like that!
Mine seems so complex by comparison and took me forever to make.
Keep posting the pics.

garyh 7th November 2014 07:54

You could keep your golf clubs in the air intake...

Mister Towed 7th November 2014 10:49

X-1/9 would be a great donor. Cheap as anything on this side of the pond, the body panels rust badly and the mechanicals would be authentic in both layout and origin.

Keep us posted on progress. :)

Scottie22 7th November 2014 11:48

Hey Mr T. I'm not sure about the cheap X-1/9's, I was quite surprised at these prices, I really would not want to pay that much for a donar, what do you think?


Mister Towed 7th November 2014 15:24

I test drove a metallic blue X-1/9 when I was 18, loved it, had the cash to buy it in my pocket (3k for a 2 year old car) and then called my insurance broker. They laughed and refused to cover me. Same thing happened a few months later when I found a ten year old E-Type for 1800. B&stards.

I never did get one, or an E-Type for that matter. I'd still like an X-1/9 although the dash is a bit boxy and the bodywork is soluble. Good ones do command a premium, it is, after all, a mid-engined Italian open top Sports car.

There're usually a few 'projects' (basket cases) on ebay, typically none when I checked a minute ago.

This has possibilities though -

speedsterbassie 7th November 2014 15:44

abarth replica
May be something intresting:

The biggest Abarth collection in the world. He also makes replicas of classical Abarths...

zagmad 9th November 2014 09:50

A mini/riley elf/Wolsey hornet coupe gt. my first car was a mini but needed a bigger boot. Maybe swb back end with a mini front end. Morris oxford coupe front end.

zagmad 9th November 2014 17:05

Hi dsg4me. Would it be possible to see what a classic mini front end looks like blended onto a swb. Also a riley elf on a swb. I don't know how to do Photoshop

WorldClassAccident 9th November 2014 17:28

Just realised I missed the picture when I suggested you could use these guys to quickly create a mock up to take a mould off.

They scan a model and enlarge it before milling.*

I guess you could modify the scanned model to fit the donor before they do the milling.

*Not sure if the guy with the beard was the model they scanned for this one

y cymro 9th November 2014 17:50


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 61119)
Hi dsg4me. Would it be possible to see what a classic mini front end looks like blended onto a swb. Also a riley elf on a swb. I don't know how to do Photoshop

I can help you with this.
It would look bloody stupid

y cymro 9th November 2014 17:56

Something like a Broadspeed GT would be a prettier car

Buy a model

from here

And ask the guy mentioned above by Nick to scale up to a real one for you.

That'll leave Chris time to get on with the proper SWB.

y cymro 9th November 2014 18:08


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 61114)
Morris oxford coupe front end.

I couldn't find an emoticon showing someone slashing their wrists

zagmad 9th November 2014 19:43

Sad when people have no imagination. Curvy front,curvy back. I was thinking of changing the proportions so that it looked like a Maserati a6g. But with a slightly more domed bonnet front and wider grill which has quite a low roof.

zagmad 9th November 2014 19:51

Using donors that we have available i would have chopped roof look and the bonnet would be longer allowing for either the mx5 mk2 or z3. Plus bigger wheels so the depth of the wings would have a lower profile. Try not to let your knickers get in a twist hey lads

y cymro 9th November 2014 21:42

Even Pinin Farina would struggle to make something good from a Morris Oxford front and an SWB rear, even if he used a domed bonnet :-)

zagmad 9th November 2014 21:58

What i had in mind made it look more like the 250 GTE as the wings don't sit so high against the bonnet. And the panel where the indicators is flatter and more vertical. Allowing for the width of the 250 to the mini still using 7 inch headlights. And a half oval grill instead of whole.

zagmad 9th November 2014 22:17

Volvo amazon with big wheels look good. Even the estates' look nice

DSG4ME 10th November 2014 09:16

Hi there zagmad. I don`t know if this is what you were thinking of but here is something that is classic mini front on a 250 SWB body.

It looks very strange but..........

zagmad 10th November 2014 09:25

I was thinking more of keeping the wheelbase the same and taking the front profile of the bonnet and headlight off the mini. So probably 5inches back. It wasn't the other way round as that would make it like a sporty micro machine. Front being the headlights and grill not the wings and wheel size. Thanks for the pic wish i could be that skilled. :-)

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