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Pandora 27th November 2014 12:27

All this talk of mini based GTs reminded me of a silly wee project I looked at a year or two back.

I was working on the Okrasa special at the time, and admiring the Karman Ghia roof, and wondering what I could use one on. An hour or so on the photocopier and the prit stick produced this....

I cunningly combined a standard Mk1 Mini front, a Riley Elf (my first car was an Elf) body and the roof of the Karmann Ghia (which needs to be slightly narrowed to fit the Elf body, causing a few issues with the glazing!). This drawing is to 1/10 scale.

I think it would look good in Aston sage green metalic with old english white door circles and a massive alloy filler cap.

No? Just me then..... :0)

Oh, and I saved the file as the 'Narrowspeed GT' , just to avoid obvious comparisons with the completely different Broadspeed GT, LOL


Mistrale 27th November 2014 19:32

Not just you - I always fancied a Mini convertible, but based on the Elf/Hornet! I think I was inspired by a classic car article about 57 Heinz special edition Hornets - no really!!!

WorldClassAccident 27th November 2014 21:00

Who needs photoshop when you have a Fiat 850?

Scottie22 28th November 2014 05:30

Very good WCA!!

WorldClassAccident 28th November 2014 07:53

Mums first car when we came back to the uk

Mister Towed 28th November 2014 11:42


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 61641)
Mums first car when we came back to the uk

...and still available, if you can afford one -

Scottie22 28th November 2014 12:21

"Great fun and cheap to run" says the advert, certainly not cheap to buy though!!

Well found Towed.

Axel 28th November 2014 12:22

or RHD:

WorldClassAccident 28th November 2014 19:10

Stroll on. We swapped ours for a lawn mower and a garden bench with chairs!

zagmad 1st December 2014 15:54

Any thoughts on the Maserati a6g/54 zagato

Mister Towed 1st December 2014 16:05


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 61709)
Any thoughts on the Maserati a6g/54 zagato

Never really been a fan of Zagato designs, they tend towards the fussy for my taste, but this one's actually nice -

Very nice -

Oh. -

What were they thinking when they stuck granny's fire guard on the front?

zagmad 1st December 2014 16:21

Yep that's the one. I like the back and side view . My idea is to have a the curvy shape but with a different grill. I've bin trying to find some teardrop tailights that have break lights and indicators in one. Think the companys called popbrowns rod parts. Which uses less in a chrome surround teardrop. Keeping the lines simple. I quite like the grill size on the Ferrari 250 gte 2+2. Only thing is finding something custom look that is emarked to pass the mot. Otherwise its a case of teardrop breaklights with a single indicator light at the bottom like this (!!) at the back . :-) exclamation mark looking.

zagmad 1st December 2014 16:25

The Porsche 356 tailights are nice if turned vertical. With a indicator break light combo

Mitchelkitman 1st December 2014 16:44

Very nice. The issue with this (as with any style) is the glazing. Brake lights and other lights from Pop Browns - Try M&M trimming in Lincolnshire (Spalding?) who now own Pop Browns and are very helpful.

zagmad 1st December 2014 16:46

Another Maserati was the a6g/54 frua berlinetta with a quite agressive front grill almost like a chrome cobweb at the front. Probably a bit like todays audi grill that looks like its gonna suck you in as it goes along.

Mister Towed 1st December 2014 16:48


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 61712)
The Porsche 356 tailights are nice if turned vertical. With a indicator break light combo

And still available in either U.S. all red or European red/amber styles for those with deep pockets -

I really like the plain, oval tail lights fitted to the Zagato, funnily enough they're the same ones used on Lancia D24's. If you find something similar do let me know as I'd be interested in obtaining some for future use.

WorldClassAccident 1st December 2014 17:38

Front grille appears to be like belly buttons, you get innies and outies

Scottie22 1st December 2014 18:03

Would these be of any use to anyone?
You would not need deep pockets to get a pair of these

They may not have e-marks on them, but with an old enough donar that would not be required.


Mister Towed 1st December 2014 19:33

They're copies though Scottie, I'm surprised at you, have you not seen fake Britain?

The ones I put up were the real deal, NOS Porsche parts at Porsche prices. Bargain...

Scottie22 1st December 2014 19:38

Yes they are copies, but not many of us have real cars either, they're all copies Mr Towed! Even your nice example. :-)

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