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Mick O'Malley 1st January 2019 13:52

Off to a Flying Start in 2019
Today's sortie in the A352 was to the Cotswold Classic Car Club meeting at Shipton Oliffe, a handy venue for me, being only 12 or so miles away. I arrived at 1130 and was lucky to get in the pub car park as someone was just leaving and I slotted in next to a very nice T Series MG

There were a good few regular cars there, no doubt owned by the previous night's party goers, but a few gems, to my eye, were also there. including this very early Spitfire.

I wandered down to the overspill field which was filling rapidly and saw this beauty in house colour, which I always prefer to the rather hackneyed racing red.

A Vitesse with its bonnet up next caught my eye. I didn't get to speak to the owner, but I was deeply envious of their engine, which clearly had had a good few bob thrown at it.

Returning to the car park, I bought a coffee and fielded lots of punters' queries and compliments. One of them said that they'd been overtaken on the way by a red car similar to mine with 64 in its roundels..... I think Alex must have been elsewhere bound as I saw neither him nor his car.

It drizzled a little on the way back but Gloucester was dry for tucking up :). A nice start to the kit car year!

Regards, Mick

Paul L 1st January 2019 16:24

Mick – Always good to see your car out and about. :cool:

Alex 1st January 2019 19:25

Hi Mick, I was at the Classic hub at Bibury breakfast meet today so was up that way, I did pass a few cars on the dual carriage way at Chippenham and the only classic was a silver Jag so that might have been who I overtook

Drummajor 1st January 2019 19:26

Hi, did you take it to Romsey on Boxing Day ?

Alex 1st January 2019 19:33


Originally Posted by Drummajor (Post 98394)
Hi, did you take it to Romsey on Boxing Day ?

Yes I was there, it was a great show

Drummajor 2nd January 2019 14:44


Originally Posted by Alex (Post 98395)
Yes I was there, it was a great show

Thought I recognised the car . Looks great .

Lucky@LeMans 9th January 2019 22:24


Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley (Post 97222)
Today's sortie in the A352 was to the Prescott breakfast club meeting, as mentioned above. The morning drive down along almost deserted roads was delightful, the six-pot loving the cool moist air. I arrived to be hailed by Alex, whose Formosa was gleaming in the early sunshine. After initially being directed to the Jaguar area, I confessed my car's humble origins and moved to a slightly more appropriate location, amongst some classic British metal.

There was an excellent turnout, especially of Morgans, Porsches and Jaguars. Amongst the others were a few (to my eyes) real gems, including this '57 MGA, under whose bonnet lurked a 3.5 litre Rover V8, a beautifully done conversion.

Two others, also green, caught my eye, an MG and a Volvo.

Wandering back to my car to field some more interested enquiries, I was asked by a lady if it was a Tojeiro. After I'd explained its fraudulent genesis she told me of her childhood when the Ecurie Ecosse transporter was often parked outside her home. It turned out that she was John Tojeiro's daughter. She had her grandson, who looked about three years old, in tow, who announced that he was going to be a racing driver when he grew up. A thoroughly delightful encounter which really made my day.

Regards, Mick

Good to see your car featured on the Prescott Breakfast Club web page for 2019 ! The first one this year is 14th April.

Another event not too far away is the Bromyard Speed Festival. The whole town centre is cordoned off for fast parade laps. Lots of classic cars and bikes. I've applied to enter my 250 TR. Date is 7th April

Mick O'Malley 10th January 2019 06:52

Prescott & Bromyard
Hi Lucky

Many thanks for that, I'm very flattered that they've used that picture. I registered for the Speed Festival also, fingers crossed it'll be accepted! I chose this picture to support it.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 24th February 2019 07:15

D-Type 'Replica' On Ebay.
This appeared overnight: Same underpinnings as mine, but incorrect lights/wheels/steering wheel to mention but a few. His dash and reg. aren't a patch on mine either. Perhaps I should offer it for sale again, taking the advice given earlier and bumping my asking price way up!

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 24th February 2019 09:44

I Can't Believe It

Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 98500)
Another event not too far away is the Bromyard Speed Festival. The whole town centre is cordoned off for fast parade laps. Lots of classic cars and bikes. I've applied to enter my 250 TR. Date is 7th April

Last week I received an e-mail from the organisers advising me that my parade laps application had been unsuccessful :(. I replied, expressing (rather tetchily, I must admit) my disappointment at this. A conciliatory response prompted an apology on my part, which has resulted in an invitation to not only statically display my car, but also have the opportunity of a photocall with it alongside XKD603, the star (to my mind) of the show. This is the Ecurie Ecosse D-Type which 'only' came second at Le Mans in both '56 and '57.

To say I'm excited is a massive understatement. I can hardly wait!

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 24th February 2019 16:27

My application has also been declined on the grounds that the event is massively over subscribed. I still intend to go and park up in the TR somewhere around the town.

Mick O'Malley 30th March 2019 06:05

MOT Pass
The A352 passed its fourth test yesterday, with just a few advisories, one of which, the 'slight exhaust leak', was also mentioned last year :rolleyes:. Another was that one of my ex VW Beetle trials car tyres is 'damaged/cracking or perishing'. I'll address that (with its axle partner) before my sortie (weather permitting) to Bromyard tomorrow week. The year's mileage was only 1,300, doubtless due to the three breakdowns suffered: blown diff; failed condenser; failed distributor cap, the latter two taking a bit of locating. Mileage since first test in 2015 is now 2,798. Happy Days.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 7th April 2019 18:05

Bromyard Speed Festival
Today's sortie in the A352 was to the above event. Setting off along the deserted A38 at 0700 I noticed a slight fluffiness in the throttle response at low revs, more of this anon. On arrival I was directed to a small veteran and vintage area where I immediately espied Lucky@LeMans' Testarossa, looking rather fabulous.

A little further on I spotted these redoubtable ladies in Myrtle, their Peking-Paris mobile. Respect!

Wandering around the paddocks I came across XKD603 - the real thing - with its corporal nose stripes. Envy doesn't come close!

In another of the paddocks, amongst a very mixed bag, was this glorious Lister, with a beautifully patinated cockpit, which I neglected to photograph :rolleyes:. More mega envy.

Almost everyone else had departed by the time the last of many parents had taken snaps of their offspring in front of the A352. I jumped in and she refused to start - aaaaaaaaargh! A gent pulled up next to me in a Cinquecento, leant out of the window and asked "Is it a Triumph?", then "Is it a six?" "Diaphragms in your Strombergs, he said." Another punter, overhearing, said "I used to replace them at every service when I worked for Triumph." A squirt of Easy Start had her purring, sort of, and I got home and had her covered before the rain started. I shall certainly be buying and fitting the recommended items forthwith.

Despite this hiccup, a fab day out.

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 7th April 2019 21:07

3 Attachment(s)
Great day out at Bromyard, much busier than the last time I went two years ago. Huge turn out of both classic cars and bikes along with a couple of thousand spectators. Mick was in his full Jaguar white racing overalls and looking the part ! There was a lot of interest in our cars from just about everyone who came past. I think we had one of the better places to pitch up, next to paddock A and right outside the best butchers / pie shop in Herefordshire !

Mick O'Malley 11th April 2019 07:27

Senile Decay
I forgot to mention above that, at Bromyard, a bloke came up to me and said "I was only looking at your car this morning". He swiped his device a few times and opened Tribute's 'Old No.7' Ebay advert. Small world stuff!

Regards, Mick

Barber 11th April 2019 08:08

Thanks for all the photos chaps, lovely.:-)

Mick O'Malley 14th April 2019 12:08

Prescott Breakfast Club
Today's sortie in the A352 was to the above event. In contrast to last October's, which took place in warm sunshine, today's was very chilly. On the way there, feeling snug in my heated vest, my engine died at traffic lights in Cheltenham and refused to re-start, only cranking very slowly. It's done this before when hot, so I left it for five minutes and it then behaved. I'd replaced the diaphragms yesterday and it ran much more smoothly, but only picked up very slowly - more carb. investigation needed!

Turnout was initially poor until a convoy of Lotus Seven clones arrived, then quite a few miscellaneous others, including Lucky, who parked next to me.

This rather stole my thunder as a majority of punters gathered around his car, asking about mine as a bit of an afterthought, I shall have to also prepare a printed and laminated info. sheet!

The star of the show for me (apart from the two above :) ), was this gloriously patinated S4 Seven on Cosmics, whose owner had not only campaigned it in hill climbs, but extensively modified both the running gear and bodywork. Top bloke. It turned out that we both subscribed to that model's thread on PistonHeads. More small world stuff.

Fortunately, the A352 started OK and got me home, though still failing to pick up very well.

Regards, Mick

Barber 14th April 2019 18:54

I love these updates, and look forward to the time Ocan drive the Z3gato to these sort of meets.

Jaguartvr 14th April 2019 18:55


Paul L 18th April 2019 07:23

Mick – Always good to see your car out and about. :cool:

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