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UpstateCobraGuy 26th January 2017 13:13


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 85686)
Wow, that looks better than new!

I thought I would share to help any other D-Type builder with original touches to add with their build. This particular car was part of the factory Lemans effort but never raced. The way the owner explained it to me, its original engine was removed to be used in a race and never returned. That hurt its value but now, since it was never damaged, you can see how it was done in the day! The numbers are hand painted on and you can see the brush strokes. The owner is very active the D-Type community and takes part in their rallies.

Here's a link to an more photos if you are interested:

I'm a Cobra guy and the owner has some incredible Shelbys, but he's a great Jaguar collector too. :icon_smile:

Mick O'Malley 6th February 2017 06:51

And still they come.............
This appeared over the weekend

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 16th March 2017 06:19

Beware The Ides of March. Not.
After waiting what seemed ages for a decent 'week ahead' weather forecast I finally booked my test for what turned out to be the hottest and sunniest day of 2017 so far :). I had a different tester this time who turned out to be an old skool Ford fan who better understood the vehicle he was testing.

The result was.............

Hoping for a long, hot, dry summer.

Regards, Mick

Jaguartvr 16th March 2017 06:54

Well done, it's important to have a good MOT as any fails or advisories now become part of its history. I always check the DVLA website before buying a car as it gives you so much information.

Is it about time to get your V5 altered to show the new body and colour. It seems to be easy and straightforward now, but that could of course change in the future!

Mister Towed 16th March 2017 07:11

Congratulations Mick, that's quite a milestone!

Always worth testing an MOT tester on his knowledge and understanding of old/specialist cars before allowing them the privilege of examining your home-built pride and joy.

A few years back I recall a very stubborn 'jobsworth' tester failing a Sammio because at 5'2" tall he couldn't see over the flyscreen from the driver's seat, so declared it needed windscreen wash/wipers while the 6'2" owner unsuccessfully protested that no shortarses would actually ever be driving it.

I'm lucky enough to have a local tester who really understands classics and specials - Silena automotive at Garage Lane, Setchey (King's Lynn).

Although the owner is a mere slip of a boy of about 35 and did a load of fancy book learning about engineering in College, he also took the time to learn a lot of the skills required to understand and maintain classic cars from an old chap who worked on the development and production lines in the Great British car industry in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Strapping down my Spyder in case the awesome power of its 95bhp straight six rips the rollers out of the ground -

The Austin in the background passed with just a couple of advisories -

(Not really).

Anyway, enjoy your road-legal car, the sun is shining so what are you doing reading this? Get out there and drive!

Mick O'Malley 16th March 2017 08:10

All Done Ages Ago

Originally Posted by Jaguartvr
Is it about time to get your V5 altered to show the new body and colour?

Not sure why it still comes up on the MOT database as white, when the V5 has always said blue. Probably from its first 'A352' MOT when it was natural GRP coloured.

My changes were registered with DVLA a couple of years ago, their description of the body as 'sports' is as accurate as any other.

Oops! Wrong scan, correct one is below.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 16th March 2017 08:21

Caveat Emptor!
And again.

Nice looking car, shame about the illegal spacing on the obviously NI number plate. Incorrectly registered too, would probably invalidate the insurance in the event of an accident.

Correct wheels, apart from steering, wrong indicators, dash, steering wheel, seats and bonnet straps. Details spoiling an otherwise cracking vehicle :(.

Regards, Mick

Scottie22 17th March 2017 12:23

Congrats on the Mot Mick!

Reference that D Type for sale,I don't think the wheels are correct! The proper Dunlop wheels would have 15 one inch holes and 15 quarter inch holes, I know this, as I drilled out all the bloody holes in my XKSS wheels to get them to look more acceptable!
God knows where he got his wheels from.I've never seen that pattern on any Jaguar. (The Dunlop stickers come from flea-bay)


Mister Towed 17th March 2017 17:19

They will be steels from a van or people carrier running 5x120 pcd hubs. Quite cheap if you know where to look, typically £30 to £40 each, but watch out for the high ET on most - an ET of 20 or less gives the dished look that goes well with classic cars, anything higher and they start to look like, well, van wheels.

Mick O'Malley 18th March 2017 07:06


Originally Posted by Scottie22
Reference that D Type for sale,I don't think the wheels are correct!

I stand corrected.

I too had the 60 hole drilling spree on my TR6 'Dunlops' :rolleyes:. Well worth the effort though!

Both the Ebay recreations have now reached their reserves - £50k and £25k!

Regards, Mick

Paul L 19th March 2017 14:39

Mick - Congratulations on the MOT pass. :cool:

Sounds like a good excuse to post this photo from your other build thread.

Enjoy, Paul. :)

Mick O'Malley 20th March 2017 07:49

Another Comes Out of The Woodwork!
It must be flavour of the month to sell D Type evocations.......

Here :)

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 21st March 2017 07:21

Looking The Part
On the premise that 21st century clothing doesn't complement a 50s icon, I've prepared this spiffing garment for my forthcoming sorties :). The blue tinge is from the low light, it's really white.

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 28th March 2017 04:55

Up in Flames - Almost
Sunday at last provided an opportunity to go for a first non MOTdrive so, having loaded my tool wallet and Machine Mart towing bar into the passenger footwell (paranoid, moi?) I set off to visit a longstanding kit car friend who I met through the Dutton Owners' Club back in '82. He's a very early member and won the competition to design the club badge.

It's about 14 miles and everything went well initially. However, about ten miles in I stalled her at a lights controlled crossroads and the cranking motor started playing silly buggers. I jumped out and began pushing but the hump where the uphill road to the left joined defeated me. Luckily a kind gentleman came around the corner and assisted, unlike some of the motorists behind, one of whom started angrily sounding his horn! There was a handy bus pull-in so I parked there and pondered solutions. There was a fairly steep downhill section to my front but I thought I'd try the button again and it behaved :rolleyes:. Typical!

I pressed on without further incident and spent a very pleasant hour helping my friend decide the way forward with the leaky diesel tank he'd removed from his LDV based camper and departed. I'd earlier noticed the fuel was low so popped in the station at the bottom of the hill where he lives. 15 litres should be OK, I thought. Completely forgetting the right angled bend in the filler neck (it's in the fin, and the only previous filling was from a can) and with my eyes glued to the spinning numbers I proceeded until the petrol blown back stared to splash my hand - aaaaaaargh!!! Stupid boy!

About half a litre was swilling about inside the fin and a wide dribble was coming from the bottom of the boot lid, which I opened to reveal a thin stream coming from a tiny hole under the rear of the fin inside the boot. This proved serendipitous as mopping up inside the fin would be impossible. I pushed her backwards a couple of feet so the dribble was over the gulley and fetched a sand bucket. Once the dribbling ceased I pushed her further back into the sunny bay for non-fuel customers and sanded the spill.

There was still about a cupfull in the boot so I grabbed a few handfulls of paper towels and mopped up. This was very messy as the petrol was dissolving the black paint on the boot floor. I then sat in the sun for half an hour (after paying) with the fin flap and boot lid open until everything dried off in the heat. This interlude was punctuated by interested parties coming to ask about the car, with some very flattering comments.

There were no further dramas: I went to my sister's nearby, but she wasn't in. At the T junction at the bottom of her hill traffic was very slow having been diverted from the M5, a section of which was closed after a crash, and I spotted one front seat passenger videoing me with his hand held device as he passed. The car certainly draws attention, even when it's not going up in flames. Headlines like 'Petrol Station Destroyed in Kit Car Inferno' are best not generated!

I was lucky, and it's definitely not a mistake I'll make again.

I investigated the cranking motor connections yesterday and, sure enough, both ends of the solenoid to motor lead weren't fully tightened. I cleaned and remade them tightly which should prevent a recurrence.

Regards, Mick

Mister Towed 28th March 2017 07:24

Ooh, bad luck with the fuel spill, like you say, lesson learned. With the Spit tank being the size of a thimble you might as well just fill it every time - mine starts to spit tiny fuel droplets back with about half a gallon to go so I just slow the pump right down when that begins and keep an old towel handy to wipe the droplets off the paint before it stains.

Great looking car btw, get used to the compliments, they ain't going to stop.

lancelot link 28th March 2017 08:00

Teething problems are just part of the process Mick , no matter how much you think you have covered everything , any major build can bring up some initial issues deal with them and move on ....

As Towed says and Paul L amongst others have documented here ...being noticed and creating an impact with other road users is something you need to get used too ..... retro race car styling is loved by everybody .....often with retro cars , they are predominantly a male thing ....not always , but mostly a male interest ..the thing with our style of car is EVERYBODY loves them , women , kids , old , young .....eveybody ..

Mick O'Malley 16th April 2017 11:20

More Sorties & Detailing
I've been out a good few times now, managing to re-fuel without mishap and finding long enough straights to try out the overdrive, which works perfectly :). A young lad came over in Aldi car park and asked "Is it a TVR?". I concealed my mirth and gently explained its genesis. Trevor indeed! Still, no worse than the umpteen times I was asked if my Marlin Roadster was a Morgan :rolleyes:.

Reversing onto my home parking space my son said it smells rich, pulled a plug, correctamundo. Black! Luckily old style CD Strombergs are a doddle to adjust with a coin and I've leaned it considerably. Runs better than before, I've also retarded the ignition as it was pinking a little when I short shifted and asked too much of the torque, speaking of which, spins the off side wheel on hill starts if I'm not very careful. I'll invest in some grippier tyres sometime, the current ones came off a VW Beetle trials car, authentically 80 ratio and narrow section but hardly sticky.

There's lots of authentic transmission noise through the aluminium tunnel and the six cylinder snarl when I open her up is music. I've now fitted my Europa Spares plastic spinners but not the perspex headlamp covers. The flange they sit on needs building inwards a little in the same place both sides. I'll try and get it done before Stoneleigh. There's still some cockpit detailing to address as well but the lure of my Moss Monaco build is strong!

Regards, Mick

Mick O'Malley 24th April 2017 07:09

Prescott Speed Hill Climb Saturday
I'm fortunate to have this venue practically on my doorstep, certainly less than 20 miles, and I attended the year's first meeting on Saturday, arriving well before 0800 to catch the atmosphere in the paddock. There I came across a D Type lookalike which turned out to be a RAM from the eighties. I had a long chat with the two drivers before walking to the very top of the hill. I've been there many many times but I'm still enchanted every visit :).

I was parked next to a very bright Ginetta but it was my A352 which was attracting a great deal of attention from other punters. All were highly complimentary about my build, as well as being very surprised at its humble underpinnings and modest cost.

I took these photo's of the RAM, both with its beautiful class companions and on the start line. A good day out.

Yesterday evening, as I was about to go for a spin, two children from along my road came and asked if they could have a close look. The lad, who was about 10, said he'd told his classmates that there was a "Space Car" in his road. Now that's an accolade!

Regards, Mick

Mister Towed 24th April 2017 08:56

Mick, your car looks every bit as good as that RAM version if not better.

Yours is clearly a very well finished example in a great colour choice and if you park it alongside the real thing nobody would guess that your car cost about the same to build as you'd pay for a couple of sets of wheels and tyres for the original.

Get used to the compliments, they'll just keep on coming and deservedly so.

Will have to make my way to Prescott btw as it looks beautiful.

Mick O'Malley 26th April 2017 06:57

Speed Hill Climbing

Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 87588)
Will have to make my way to Prescott btw as it looks beautiful.

It certainly is. It was the first hill climb venue I ever attended back in '87. However, Shelsley Walsh eclipses it to a degree, partly due to the amazing scenery both there and on the way, and partly how it's frozen in 1905. Easily my favourite motor sport venue :)

Regards, Mick

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