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Psycho pops 11th March 2013 19:20

It's 28 off, however school holidays so time with family is on the menu.. Your right though big push is required.

Psycho pops 29th March 2013 17:06

Progress at last,
Have managed to form the dash in ply and fibreglass then cover in one piece of vinyl including the instrument pod..

Still needs trimming up and the final veneer laid to the right of the pod, then its varnish and rubbing down and a final bit of edging trim along the bottom, mocked it up with the dials just to see if it works..
Please ignore the fact the car looks more like a skip at the moment, long overdue clear up to come soon.

Cheers Pops

garyh 29th March 2013 17:18

Looking like a Rolls... Pops. Get a carrier bag and have a clean up.

Psycho pops 29th March 2013 17:30

Thats my fear, want a 60's look but not saloon not sure if the wood dash will look sports car like, still can always spray it if not :ohwell:

tlrtone 29th March 2013 17:30

Very nice Pops, love the veneer and vinyl dashboard

I did a herald convertible in 2008 with a similar dashboard. Loved the walnut veneer.

Psycho pops 29th March 2013 18:04

That looked good. This ones Chilean laurel i hope it will look the part when varnished and trimmed. Maybe a grab handle on the passengers side will break it up a little.

Paul L 29th March 2013 18:45

Dash looks good to me. :cool:

And the inside of your car looks a lot tidier than the two shells on my drive. :rolleyes:

Good luck, Paul. :)

Psycho pops 3rd April 2013 21:17

Now i have the engine running it quickly became apparent I had mounted my exhausts too close to the diff as it hit when turning, when i dropped it down the cut outs in the rear valence were going to be way too big,

therefore some Sammio remedial action required,

Bridged in glass and formed with u pol and resin mix i have begun forming the new cut outs and eyebrows, hope it will look the part when blended in.
The good news is I have started the sanding process, slow but steady progress, I am sure i could have been finished if I didnt get so hung up on details..

garyh 4th April 2013 18:37

What bottle did you use as a mould this time?

Psycho pops 4th April 2013 19:10

Hehe this time they were free formed just sanded in to a shape I was please with...

garyh 4th April 2013 19:32

Well, they look even. whats next?

Psycho pops 4th April 2013 20:15

Cheers Gary, next is the front grill but have run out of glass snd resin so carrying on with the rubbing down.

Psycho pops 6th April 2013 14:50

Some feel good pictures, what a difference a sunny day makes.
Ground clearance is minimal, cant get out of my drive as it is...
Carry on building

Viatron 6th April 2013 18:30

Very nice, will be pinching that for my build :-)

tlrtone 6th April 2013 19:17

Looking very nice. They do look ace in the sunshine.

davecymru 6th April 2013 20:33

Looks good! Although i am intreigued by what that is hiding in the garage?

Psycho pops 6th April 2013 21:16

Do you mean the compressor on the left or the Herald Convertible on the right?

Mister Towed 7th April 2013 08:21

Looking very nice 'Pops. Can't wait to have a four car Norfolk cruise this summer.

Just remind me, what colour are you going for?

mikmiglia 7th April 2013 08:33

Looking smart mate, nice and low too. What wheels are you fitting .

Psycho pops 7th April 2013 08:37

Hi Towed this week its Silver again last week Candy red, previously old english white.
Jaguar Rhodium Silver, black stripes is holding favourite position at the moment. I know you are going Silver but i think the difference even in similar colours will be huge.

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