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mulberry 3rd November 2011 17:51

pops i took mine off before my body was placed on, and it passed the old sva. ok

Psycho pops 3rd November 2011 17:52

Floors fitted
Got the floors fitted and secured over the last two days, ended up using Phenolic resin coated ply, (as used in trailers and truck beds).
May have gone a little overboard with 18mm thickness but very happy with the results, it has a smooth waterproof underside and non slip waffle surface on top.
Where it joins the bulkhead I have cut an angled slot and pushed it underneath the raised outer edge just to give it a nice finish before fibre glassing in.
A bull nosed edge just keeps it looking neat along the edges but these will not be seen.
It still needs a little trim down the outside rear where the body tucks in and the fresh edges sealed but overall has gone down ok and feels very sturdy

Psycho pops 3rd November 2011 18:25

Fitting advice & must have tool
Fitted the framework and test fitted the body and had a little trouble getting the Drivers side low enough to cover the chassis side rail, I searched this forum and Trevors Blog scouring photos of how previous builds had gone.
I noticed that frames differ from build to build,

This is Daves frame (if i remember right) see how the top front rail is fixed inside the framework ,

This is mine the same rail is on top of the framework .

In order to drop the tub low enough the corners had to be fettled away ( read angle grinding frenzy) until it sat where I wanted it.

I am just about there with the position now.

Any one reading this before starting a build, I would recommend buying the ratchet straps - think mine were 10 for four, fitting the frame without them would have been nigh on impossible, they will be needed for holding the tub in place while fibre glassing too.

lancelot link 3rd November 2011 18:27


Originally Posted by Psycho pops (Post 23839)
Another question.

I know I cant cut of the rear arms on the chassis but what about the exhaust bracket, can that fall off before inspection, it just seems to be exactly where I want to put the back of the tub.
Cheers Psycho

Yes thats not a problem......

Mister Towed 3rd November 2011 19:22

Floor looks good psycho.

Roughly how much was it, do they do 12mm and where'd you source it from, local Norfolk supplier by any chance? :eyebrows:

Sammio Builder 3rd November 2011 20:11

Mine was 25 from Wickes for the whole floor.



Psycho pops 3rd November 2011 20:13

It was from a guy in syderstone nr Fakenham. 44 a full sheet, only 18mm or 22mm thickness which is why I ended up with 18.
He advertises on e bay.
Cheers Psycho

Mister Towed 3rd November 2011 20:19

Thanks chaps, 12mm exterior ply overpainted with Ronseal is looking favourite on cost grounds.

I haven't measured up yet as I'm still at the 'repair the chassis' stage. Is one 8' x 4' sheet enough to do the job?

Sammio Builder 3rd November 2011 20:24


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 23874)
Is one 8' x 4' sheet enough to do the job?

Yes it is! Link


davecymru 3rd November 2011 20:28

Ref the front end height, mine never did wrap under the front chassis rails! Looking back, i should have chopped the front of the body where it sits on the bulkhead until the bottom edges wrapped under. I think this is where some of my bonnet woes came from! I just ended up leaving mine and painting the exposed chassis rails black so you can't see them! no great issue for me :)

Psycho pops 3rd November 2011 20:49

41.50 a sheet, Yes it is more expensive but no maintenance, no annual re coat
thats what sold it to me ( and it looks good )

Sammio Builder 3rd November 2011 20:51

I think we're all online at the same time tonight - damn dark evenings......


Mister Towed 3rd November 2011 21:00


Originally Posted by Sammio Builder (Post 23882)
I think we're all online at the same time tonight - damn dark evenings......


Yep, and don't forget the sun goes down even earlier over here in the Far East (of England). :twitch:

Psycho pops 1st December 2011 19:50

Once again I am away in Africa but that doesn't stop me spending on the Sammio.
Tonight I managed to get the car seats I wanted, a set of Westfield 11 buckets, I am hoping they are going to be low enough at the back to fit inside the tub without dropping the floor, the ad said 500mm so maybe with a slight incline on the base it will lower beneath the rear line.
I won't know till I am back in blighty.
P.s it's great to be able to see the progress you guys are making while I am away, the forum makes entertaing reading each evening. Cheers

lancelot link 1st December 2011 20:19

Looking back at your frame , it looks like we didn't cut the corners off at the front...apologies.
Also agree straps are the best way to fit it all....crude but it works !!

nice progress by the way..

Psycho pops 4th December 2011 18:31

Thanks, a bit frustrating watching the progress of everyone while I am away but I guess the time home allows me to make progess then. The seats I bought are 500 mm at the back, hoping they will line up ok with the back of the cockpit without dropping the floor.may have to raise the front of the runner slightly to make it happen. Psycho

Psycho pops 8th December 2011 12:18

2 Attachment(s)
The seats have arrived and thanks to my long suffering wife I have some photo's. Appologies for attachments instead of pics but photoshop is barred here at work.
Very pleased with the period look and from the closer shot with it placed on the floor of the car it doesn't look like it will be too high against the rear of the tub, just need to get home now and see for myself..
Christmas has come early .... psycho pops

Mister Towed 8th December 2011 12:34

Very nice looking seats, very traditional. Where'd they come from? :biggrin1:

Psycho pops 8th December 2011 12:40

Westfields - Ebay Auction
Believe it or not Ebay, they were direct from the Westfield factory made for the Westfield 11, I got lucky as they sold first time round for a far higher price but the buyer did not complete the process, second auction success and 150 less than my first attempt. Not often that happens..

davecymru 8th December 2011 13:59

They look lovely! And given that the shell sits _above_ that frame, the height is spot on!

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