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Mister Towed 9th December 2011 07:34


Originally Posted by Psycho pops (Post 23873)
It was from a guy in syderstone nr Fakenham. 44 a full sheet, only 18mm or 22mm thickness which is why I ended up with 18.
He advertises on e bay.
Cheers Psycho

Your chap in Syderstone now does 12mm and 9mm phenol impregnated ply at thirty four sheets per, erm, sheet (buyer collects). :biggrin:

Click the link in the ebay listing for more details. :ranger:

Psycho pops 9th December 2011 09:45

Towed Thats better if you can get the 12mm, I wont be swapping out as I am happy with the rigidity of the 18mm and it looks like my seats are going to be just fine, whatever thickness I fully recommend this stuff the smooth underside will be fully waterproof and easy cleaned and the non slip surface looks very professional, at 34 a sheet you cant go wrong. I see you are going for shuttering ply is that not a little thick for the inners, considering the orginal triumphs were almost cardboard backed, I wonder wether 6mm mdf would be easier shaped and could maybe be curved around the rear of the tub?

Mister Towed 9th December 2011 10:35

The 9mm ply is for the structure of the cockpit as recommended by Gary in the 'getting started' guide on the Sammio website.

I'll be using flexible card as a base for the trim panels.

Psycho pops 22nd December 2011 08:06

Build Blog

I tried using the Blog / Build Diary here on Madabout but just couldn't get any where with it, so have decided to revamp the original one I started and will be keeping that up to date, its here

Psycho pops 27th December 2011 20:29

Santa came up trumps for me
Well christmas came and I was spoilt rotten, but late in the afternoon the wife gave me a bonus present, she,d saved a shiny new stainless sports exhaust for a surprise present. Today I had to offer it up. Four straight down pipes into two into one and then branching to twin boxes at the rear. She did amazing buying for the spitfire engine and allowing for the twin carb manifold. It fits a treat. Think I may do some small cut aways on the rear apron where the pipes exit just for the look, like they should always have been there.
Will post pictures later. What a woman I'm so chuffed

jmc14 28th December 2011 02:05

You are one lucky man!

Mister Towed 28th December 2011 08:51

Looking forward to seeing the pics of your prezzie, and seeing your car in the metal (fibreglass?).

Once we're on the road we'll have to arrange an impromptu meet of the far eastern chapter of the unofficial Sammio owner's club somewhere on the North Norfolk coast. :rockon:

Psycho pops 30th December 2011 18:28

Cut the sides of my floor down today after reading the various threads on the correct line to take,
I cut from tight in at the rear of the chassis out to the bulk head, test fitted the body with the ratchet straps and it has pulled in lovely and feels really rigid just with the straps.
At the front the gap has closed in but may take a fine bit of fettling just to draw the body in a bit closer to the chassis side rail on the drivers side.

Managed to fabricate a bracket to hang the handbrake pivot from, not pretty but does the job.

Psycho pops 30th December 2011 19:02

Fitted the new Exhaust today,

Down pipes look a lot better than the standard manifold, should help the engine breath..

The twin boxes at the rear look pretty good in my opinion, they aren't secured yet but think two small cut out in the apron with the tail pipes pulled up will look better, what do you think?

garyh 30th December 2011 20:13

Yep, cutouts.
Detail, detail, detail... thats how you turn a kitcar into a SammioSpyder.

Mister Towed 30th December 2011 20:30

New exhaust system looks cool. How's the ground clearance?

Psycho pops 30th December 2011 20:56

Ground clearance is fine as the exhaust runs directly under the driveshaft then kinks up, so no worse than the original.

Mister Towed 31st December 2011 06:29

Sounds good. I bet it, erm, sounds good too...

Psycho pops 31st December 2011 13:04

Engine isn't running at the moment so will have to wait to hear the note, good incentive though,

mulberry 31st December 2011 13:12

twin rear pipes do look nice .....pops

Psycho pops 31st December 2011 13:44

Spotted the green rice bags in your picture, guessed you may have bought the same from Rimmers as thats what mine came wrapped in:biggrin1:

jmc14 31st December 2011 13:45

Yes, they do.

mulberry 31st December 2011 13:47

no we eat alot rice....haha .... i only got a single exhaust pipe from rimmers.....on my little old 2300ltr engine whoops 1300......hehe

davecymru 31st December 2011 15:40

Nice! How you going to mount the exhausts? fyi, I ended up mounting a bar crosswise between the two rear outriggers and then hung brackets down off of that. That also had the added benefit of giving me something to bolt the inner rear wheel arches to! :)

Psycho pops 31st December 2011 19:21

I had two ideas in mind,
One is the cross bar idea such as you have done,
The other was to sheet out between the outriggers and then form the wheel arch from there, not sure if there is a benefit to this if it would make air flow better underneath or just keep the worst of the weather off the fuel tank etc..Will have to wait and see what develops.
Cheers Pops

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