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Mister Towed 11th January 2012 19:43

I do like the upholstered rear bulkhead on that one instead of individual seats. Looks like it would free up another inch or two of cockpit space.

The dash looks a bit unfinished though, despite the rather nice ally oval centre section. Much better if it were body coloured imho.

tlrtone 11th January 2012 21:09

I really like the seat upholstery too, I reckon I might nick that idea too!

Love the black wire wheels too.

Psycho pops 11th January 2012 21:22


Originally Posted by davecymru (Post 25873)
I'd be interested to hear why he's called it a Marlet Speical as it's certainly a Sammio Spyder from looking at the body and the internal frame

I think it's one of the few names you can make from left over triumph herald letters....:badgrin:

lancelot link 11th January 2012 21:30

BLACK WIRES DO LOOK GOOD .....Maroon wires would work too....

Hadn't thought about the Marlet coming from the chrome letters - good call !!
There was a fighter plane called a MK2 Marlet in the 40's , not sure if theres a relevance / connection ?

Mister Towed 12th January 2012 08:14

MARLET... Hmm, could've been worse I suppose given the available letters.

How about the Herald based TRUMP I HEARD?

Or the six cylinder TIMS TRUE SHIT PEE?

All those hours watching 'Countdown' weren't wasted then...

No? Oh well, perhaps I need :help:

tlrtone 12th January 2012 20:17

You need to get out more Mister Towed ;)

Mister Towed 13th January 2012 07:14


Originally Posted by tlrtone (Post 25998)
You need to get out more Mister Towed ;)

I'll speak to Nurse Ratched but I can't promise anything... :twitch:

Psycho pops 27th February 2012 09:53

Windscreen, who needs them,
A bit off topic, we have all removed the screens from the Herald / Vitesse and now I need to replace the one in my Wife's Herald convertible, how the hell do you get it back in, thankfully its not required on the Sammio as I never want to attempt this nightmare job again.
Yes Mr Towed I have used plenty of lube on the rubber, before you say anything its just too big to ease it in to the surround.....

garyh 27th February 2012 10:28

Don't you put a piece of cord around rubber and gradually pull around from the inside which pulls the rubber lip in?:noidea:
You may need someone holding the screen in place.

davecymru 27th February 2012 15:43

yup, use a pullstring. i did this on an ex girlfriends Fiesta and it went in a treat as long as you use lots of lubrication :)

You should even be able to do most of it from the outside and then prise the last little bit in place if memory serves me right?

Psycho pops 17th April 2012 14:29

Any one at the stage of choosing belts or harness may be interested in these,
Securon 700, All the looks of a 4 point harness but with the convenience of an inertia reel link at the back.
The quick release allows easy access behind the seats or the rear compartment ( if you have one). The belt is removable from the inertia reel meaning minimum sloted hole required for fitting through the bulkhead
I shopped around and found the cheapest place to be LK Performance and styling on E Bay at 99 a pair, delivered - arrived next day.
E marked and seem to be good quality.

Cheers Psycho :eek:

Psycho pops 17th April 2012 14:58

Just tried them in my car, wont fit with the buckle sticking out at the headrest height as shoulder straps would be too long.
However looks like it will fit across the lower bar and have enough angle from the anchor point +- 45 degrees, would be inside the cockpit then and kept clean...

Mister Towed 28th April 2012 09:02

Hi 'Pops. How's your build coming along? Just found an email I'd missed from you and noticed you haven't updated your blog at all this year :(

If you need any help spurring you on I'm only across the county...

Psycho pops 30th April 2012 19:40

Hi Towed and All..
Build is coming along, slowly
Have been concentrating on front end now, rebuilt suspension, chopped 50 mm of the springs and re-bushed everything, fitted the stiffer anti roll bar while I was at it.Brake pipes are replaced as are brake lines , hoses and refurbished callipers, so just about there. Wont be able to stall much longer before I have to glass the body on.

Then it will be a case of testing the water with DVLA in Norwich or maybe a return trip to see Gary.

Have boxed in behind the rear seat covering half the petrol tank, this gives me a small boot or a large glove box.

Question, have just welded in 100mm square plates at the very rear of the frame behind the petrol tank to take the inertia reel for my 4 point harness' I have retaining bolts that came with the belts and have found lock nuts to fit, is there anything in the rule book that says the nuts must be welded to retain it or can I just secure them with lock nuts straight through the plate..
Will post pictures tomorrow of progress and illustrate the belt mounting point..
That will be it for the next month as its back to work Im afraid..

Mister Towed 30th April 2012 19:52

Hi 'Pops. No problem with seat belt anchorage points in cars constructed before 01/04/82, they just need to 'hold the seat belts securely in position on the vehicle'.

Interestingly, two point belts are also ok on a '65 to '81 car, but they need to be diagonal belts, not lap belts. See below.

I'm aiming to build the female part of the seat belt into the seat mounting frame.

Psycho pops 24th June 2012 18:19

Number plate light
Other commitments have meant little progress on the Sammio of late, however this morning I tackled an idea I have been toying with for a while.
I want a number plate lamp different from the masses but keeping in character with the car so came up with this idea.

Start with the standard Mini winged badge

Take one waterproof LED strip

Cut out the outer edge of the badge and Glue in the LED to match the contour

I chose to do this to the thicker edge and mount the badge upside down,

If anything theres a little too much white light heading backward so may need a small eyebrow fitting over the led's other than that I am happy with the result.
A replacement badge can be made to order with any colour, script, logo and wording available here 4.50 a pair

All in about 10 for this lamp..

Cheers Pops

Mister Towed 24th June 2012 18:22

Nice work and a great idea. Looks fabulous.

garyh 24th June 2012 19:12

Pure Genius... have a Guiness.

Psycho pops 24th June 2012 20:26

Front grill
Once again aiming to be a little different, but want to keep the period look,
Bought a Chrysler front grill,

Cut it down

Now need to decide if I go for the plain grill

Or go for the complete chromed look, obviously remove the chrysler badge and put in my own...

Any thoughts?

Mister Towed 24th June 2012 21:17

I do like your mini number plate light...

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