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garyh 27th October 2014 07:48

They must be stupid trying to wrap a clutch in sticky back plastic...

TheLaughingCow 18th January 2021 18:07

Its been a while (7 years), my mx250 has been tucked away for the last 5 years, during the start of the covid apocalypse, I decided to get it back on the road.

Will get some pics uploaded in the next few days.

The bodywork has faired really well, no signs of corrosion on the underside, probably due to the fresh waxoyl I pumped in before it went into the garage.

Needed a new fuel pump to get it running again, aircon still works!

Drummajor 18th January 2021 18:16

Welcome back

TheLaughingCow 21st January 2021 08:07

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:27

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:27

Not sure why my pictures aren't showing up?

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:41

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:42

winner! So this is as it was when I pulled it from the garage

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:44

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:46

Front end off... vinyl is off, endless blocking and sanding , couple of coats of 2k primer, more sanding, 3 coats of ferrari rosso 2k, and voila

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:46

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:48

TheLaughingCow 14th February 2021 14:51

Joking aside it has been a few weeks of graft to get it this far, filling the bonnet scoops was a fair bit of effort, I think I prefer it not looking so 250gto at the front, the eunos badge on the bonnet isn't fitted, but I probably will be using it

redratbike 14th February 2021 19:17

i thought it was a lotus badge at first

great work

jones 16th February 2021 13:52

Looking good

TheLaughingCow 18th February 2021 13:55

TheLaughingCow 18th February 2021 13:57

Doors are off, rear lights removed, there are a few areas of the rear that need some minor body work, going to prep and prime the doors and bootlid tomorrow hopefully

TheLaughingCow 2nd March 2021 18:10

TheLaughingCow 2nd March 2021 18:13

So 99% of the paint is finished, all in I've done about 6l of paint, 3-4 coats, wet sanded between each coat will still need wet sanding/polishing to get rid of some orange peel but on the whole I'm happy with the colour choice

TheLaughingCow 2nd March 2021 18:15

TheLaughingCow 2nd March 2021 18:16

Trying to figure out where to stick the number plate, thinking of doing a vinyl one on the bonnet

Crofty 2nd March 2021 19:18

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Hi I must say your car is looking very nice.
I had the same dilemma with my car last June when I got it back from the paint shop, made some brackets to fit ridged number plate but plate was either too close to the ground or restricted the air flow to the radiator. In the end I went for the stick on plate

Mitchelkitman 2nd March 2021 20:24


Originally Posted by Crofty (Post 106061)
Hi I must say your car is looking very nice.
I had the same dilemma with my car last June when I got it back from the paint shop, made some brackets to fit ridged number plate but plate was either too close to the ground or restricted the air flow to the radiator. In the end I went for the stick on plate

If low to the ground it could be hinged with the addition of light springs, so that it will easily yield and return if it touches the ground!

Ozzie Dave 3rd March 2021 06:24

Even better, get the loading correct and pressure to the front will cause it to 'fold back' - even air pressure!

TheLaughingCow 4th March 2021 16:35

Thanks for the positive comments thought id take a break from wet sanding out in the cold, I've ordered some reflective vinyl, to experiment with the front number plate, (something to do when it gets to cold to work comfortably outside), I also had to redo the edge profile where the front meets the drivers door, as it wasn't as crisp as I'd like, I'm hoping I will only have to mix up one more mix of paint to touch up the few spots I got a little enthusiastic when wet sanding out some peel..

jones 5th March 2021 15:37

What did you use for wheel arches?

TheLaughingCow 5th March 2021 17:49

I I haven't fitted any arches, the kit is standard

TheLaughingCow 5th March 2021 17:55

I was wondering if anyone has fitted the oem mazda hard top seals to an mx250? I previously made seals, but I found they sealed well when closing the door with the window up but when closing the window independantly would always hear wind through a slight gap

kon 8th March 2021 12:31

Sounds like the seal needs some sort of lubricant to allow the window to go up easier?

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:21

Yes,I lubed/greased all the mechanism, just need to fabricate a new seal to seal nicely against the roof, I think I have a plan that may work, using some plastic angle to attach the knock on seal edging to

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:25

So I decided I wanted to make the dash cluster a little less "mazda", I found a site called jass performance, that make stainless/etched facial for the mx5 clocks, aat roughly 35 quid, excellent value for money, I also really fancied the independent glass gauge rings, however at 138 quid, they are a tad expensive,

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:27

NA"][/URL] gauge rings

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:28


TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:29

Gauge rings

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:34

Heres the standard mx5 clocks removed, with the perspex cover off

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:35

Facia fitted

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:42

Now this is where I luck out completely! I managed to source some glass guage faces from some old redundant equipment that's been scrapped nearby after an hour or so of hunting, I managed to find 2 x glass/stainless 95mm faces from some old pressure guages, I butchered some smaller pneumatic guages to get me some 45mm perspex faces with stainless surrounds, once cleaned up, I have created this!

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:43

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:48

Cleaned it up, put some slithers of red vinyl on the needles, fit some leds in place of the old green filament bulbs..... refit in car.... turn a few led bulbs round...... realise the rev meter is not reading zero.... take apart...[ repeat everything... refit..... test.... take picture..... post

TheLaughingCow 11th March 2021 17:49

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