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UpstateCobraGuy 29th June 2018 02:15

Possible Wheels for MX-250C
Kicking a few ideas for wheels for my MX-250 build. Without a doubt they need to fill up the wheel wells. I’m shooting for that old school, staggered, deep dish look. The wheels I’m thinking about are fronts 15x8 & rears 15x9, both with 0 offset. If I need rear spacers, I can address that later.

Take a look...



mazdarazmataz 1st July 2018 01:49

They look nice, but are they retro enough?

mazdarazmataz 1st July 2018 01:57

Since you live in america land and have access to cheap reverse wire wheels
Such as these

Jaguartvr 1st July 2018 07:30

Christ , they are cheap. Very tempted, does anyone know of someone who has bought a set?

mazdarazmataz 1st July 2018 08:21

They look cool with a deep dish very borrani. Shipping from the us scares me

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