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Patrick 7th May 2020 12:09

Carpet, bit of fancy flooring instead of the rubber mats
Woolies sell rot free carpet, I thought it would be worth a try see how well it will last in a car without any interior weather proofing.

Here’s the before shot:
Trace the reverse shape of the old rubber mats on to the back of the new carpet. I used a silver pen.
Decided to purchase a good set of scissors/tailors shears, which cost nearly as much as the carpet but were well worth it. After the initial cut I had to give the edged a bit of a ‘hair cut’ to smooth it out. In future I want to look at better edge finishing.

Here’s the new carpet test fitted on the passenger side.

Both sides fitted

Another major irritation, and a safety issue was the rubber mats moving around on the driver side. It was held down with velcro but that kept coming off the rubber. For the carpet Woolies sells these poppers.

Once pushed through and attached the black ring with the spikes starts to disappear into the carpet.

Finally the button that the carpet pops on to needs to be mounted into the floor. The floor has a layer of sound deadening and a layer of carpet before getting to the new carpet. As such the button needed a bit of spacing form the floor. Due to a lack of available parts I ended up using some spare M4 nylocs.

I also have rubber mats under the seats and behind the seats. You can’t get to the ones under the seats unless you take the seats out so those are staying rubber for now. The rear carpets however I’ve also changed to carpet.

Some future thoughts on this, finishing the edging on the carpet is something I want to look into. I also got heel rest material – which is a textured rubber piece which would be good to put on the drivers side. Need to take the seats out and add carpet underneath. Removing the seats will also allow access to add poppers for the rear carpet.

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