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Originally Posted by molleur View Post
Progress is progress nonetheless. Keep at it!
Thanks, indeed it is.
I'm gradually nibbling my way through my list of jobs.......

This week I fitted the windscreen. I used Sikaflex 255FC Adhesive. Bit of a messy job but I got there in the end.

Windscreen Fitted by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

The all important marking for the IVA test.

Windscreen approval mark by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

A few days later I fitted the 'plastic chrome' trim surround. A very time consuming job to get the mitres and lengths correct.

Windscreen surround by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

I've also fitted the Interior Light door switches. It's practically impossible to get to the rear of the switches due to the 'A' pillar support structure so I soldered on the wires. The wire loops are to allow movement of the plunger.

Interior Light Door switches by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

And here's one fitted....

Interior Light Door switches by Sabrebuilder, on Flickr

The lens on my phone camera has made the length of the plunger look much longer than it really is. The plungers will be trimmed to size once the doors are fitted.

So that's another two jobs done!
Stay safe.........Peter
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