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Originally Posted by alackofspeed View Post
The bump steer and flex in the rear makes the car very twitchy. The most notable thing is that when it does come around (be careful on damp roads) it'll do so at a rate that even the sharpest driver will struggle to catch.
I know that from experience and was not even wet!

Turbo cut in on a bent and crash! 180 on a spindle. Forget your mk2 Escort rear wheel drive power slides!

When starting, think straight point and shoot to get used to the car and grow confidence in it. Trouble is. It will be on your own. Nobody will pull next to you at the lights. I've had a transit and a motorbike!

Just be careful if twitchy at motorway speed as it comes quickly.

One of the things that pulled mine left and right. Crap old tyres. Changed wheels with decent tyres, cured problem. Done wheel alignment etc a good few times before finding out.
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