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Originally Posted by DSG4ME View Post
Totaly agree with y cymro, you have got a winner there.

After following this project for so long its nearly finished. Just a few more weeks to go. There rear reminds me a little of the Z8. How does the boot lid open ? I see no lock. Will the kit include everything (grills, lights, badges)? Any idea on final price as many will like to know?
Originally Posted by Anthony Cherry View Post
the boot lid will open via a pull chord housed behind the filler cap. the filler cap locks when the car is locked (so it will be secure)

i intend to include the badges and grill mesh but not the lights.
they are all readily available and customers may be able to pick up a bargain.

i will be launching the price when i complete the website. but if you want to have an idea them message me on my email or facebook and i will give you a ball park figure.
For information to the OP, Tribute charges around £2400 for their Kobra which offers a similar 'bolt on' easy build. Don't think the badges are included though ;-) Take a look on their website or ebay sale to confirm the price if you want to get an up-to-date cost.

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