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Dpaz - A belated thank you for your reply.

I really need to pull my finger out and fix this now, as my MOT expires in a few weeks.

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2020 - What a year!
I can't quite believe that the last time I drove my car was back in May.

However, that would explain why the battery didn't have enough juice to start the engine the other day.

I also needed my wife's help to push the car back as the brake were sticking too.
(Need to sweep up all the leaves underneath it.)

Battery out for charging.

Rather than struggle to push it back, I just left it where it was.

With a fully charged battery, I was able to start the car.

I could also drive it back and forth on the driveway to free up the brakes.

I can't drive it on the road until I re-fit the front indicator.

Hopefully, by the time I've fixed the electrics, they will have replaced my driveway.

Anyway, I hope all is well.

I'll try to post some belated replies to other threads this week too.

Take care, Paul.
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