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I will also modify the steering column. I have bought a 40cm steering shaft and UJ from CBS and another, bit shorter UJ from Canleys, to attach the column to the steering rack. This is needed as the steering column needs to be extended more than it is possible with the original setting, and because the angle of the steering wheel is different from the original.


I was also trying to figure out where and how to install the seat belts. I think the approach in the second photo is better, but instead of mounting the third point using the frame-to-chassis bolt, I will weld a mounting point onto the frame just above it.



As I have mentioned before, I bought a pair of GAZ adjustable shocks a while ago. When all the above is done, I will (try to) tackle the front suspension.
I will use 14" steel wheels with 175/65 tyres. I reckon I will need to lower the car for about 2 inches.



So much for now, I'll post more photos when I progress further.

Cheers, D.

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