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Default A few bits

Thanks for the suspension info Keith - will take a look at Wolfitt.

In between tidying the garage, whilst labourer is back from Uni, I have finalised a few more bits and pieces...

The nearside wheel arch has never fitted the wheel (which I showed previously), so out with the jigsaw and more surgery:

Wheel arch profile.jpg

Much better!

Mounted the screen and finalised the profile for the weather/retaining strip:

Windscreen profile.jpg

This made a bit more space for fitting a rearview mirror which I bought as a blind spot mirror. Unfortunately, the field of view is just about the width of the two headrests, so it creates more blind spots than it solves! Thinking about an early Beetle oval one...


Finally cut out vents on wings and test fitted my 3D printed grilles - the centre one has a modification for an LED indicator repeater (the same type used on the front) which I thought might be an added safety feature:

Indicator vent.jpg

And finally...a bit of bling...found a local metal laser cutter in Derby who was able to cut out the front trident from my DXF file:

Aluminium trident.jpg

Chip, chip, chippin' away!

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