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So, given that my rear hinged doors aren't going to work I need to hinge them at the front.

Which means that I need the dashboard fitted to make sure that the door pillars, which need modifying if the doors are ever to open, are the right width apart to start with.

Which means I need to have the front bulkhead in place to make sure the dash is at the right height and angle.

Which means i need the floors fitted so I know where the pedal box will fit to get the lower edge of the bulkhead in the right place.

Which means I need the steering column in place to see where the pedal box needs to be to be comfortably in line with the driver.

Which means I need the dashboard in place to...

I've already said that, haven't I.

Anyway, to save myself from endlessly going round in circles in a chicken vs egg style, I decided to start with the driver's side floor and work from there.

Using the modern wonder of CAD, cardboard aided design, I've made a plug to take a mould for my driver's side floorpan from and plastered it in parcel tape.

As it's Valentine's day, as a special treat, my significant other even allowed me to work inside in the warm as the parcel tape was too cold to stick to anything in the garage.

It's now ready to have the sides stapled to some timber strips to keep them level when the fibreglass is applied, they're cardboard, after all, so need a bit of bracing, but I'll get on with that tomorrow afternoon. Until then, here's the progress so far -

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