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Slow progress over the last couple of weeks but getting closer ! The detail little jobs take up so much time. The doors are hung, the instruments are in, the ali panelling work is just about complete. A few more new parts turned up in the post so I can finish off a few more jobs. New remote brake servo to fit. Neat all in one fuse box to go in and complete the wiring. The bonnet is hinged at the front and lifts up 90 degrees so excellent access. I've fitted inertia reel 3 point seat belts rather than harness's. A full harness is great in a race car but not in a road car, too restrictive for my liking. Fitted so the belt runs over your left shoulder in the drivers seat. I've seen this done to good effect in some of the Cobra replicas and in the Formosa allows for an easier installation.
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