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Originally Posted by Gamphy View Post
Thank you, your soft top build thread was very interesting where did you source your jag wires? And what size did you run with in the end?
My first set were MWS that had been fitted to an old XJS. My second set were Dayton from the US again from an XJS so I knew they would fit, of course they didn't! The front wheels needed 3mm spacers and a bit of a grind off on the front callipers. The Daytons look far better as the central hub is a lot smaller so you see more spoke, with the MWS the central hub is very large and looks knowhere near as nice.

If I were buying new I would go Smash's route and buy knock ons from Dayton Australia, I would however fit 15" wheels not 16". I have tried a few different tyre sizes and found 215/65x15 to be ideal. Anything /70x15 tends to be for a van so you can't get the correct speed rating without spending a lot of money.
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