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Default Tribute MRS200

RS200 replica for sale – Potential Ken Block Hoonigan rep?

I’m not really sure what to refer to the listing as. To me its a project as there is still things that I would want to do to ‘finish’ the car. Although as with any kit car… its never really finished. There are plenty of bits and pieces that I would want to refine if I were to keep it. Someone else may look at it and decide its fine as it is. I feel its down to personal preference.
The vehicle is based on a 2003 Toyota MR2 with an 1800VVTi engine. The RS200 panels were purchased from Tribute Automotive (Mouldings now owned by with receipts to prove.

Vehicle is MOT’d until 1st March 2020 and current mileage is 120k.

The project has taken roughly three years to get on the road, I’ve been driving it now and then for the last 6 months and I’ve (mostly) enjoyed working on it. However, since the arrival of my little boy , I’ve struggled to make time to get out and improve on what I’ve built and I’m also restricted to when I can drive it due to nursery drop offs and pick ups. Yes you could put a baby seat on the passenger side but I don’t think he’d particularly enjoy the ride. Now with the impending arrival of baby #2, I fear that the car will be left to gather dust. I’d much rather see it go to someone who can continue refining or just enjoy the car as it is.

The 1zz engine runs well and doesn’t burn any oil. Its actually quite quick although unfortunately nowhere near RS200 fast. It does handle well though! My plan was always to start buying bits and pieces to allow me to go the turbo route but there are plenty of other options to get a bit more grunt if you wanted. For instance, a V6 or K20 conversion. As it is, its good fun to drive and turns plenty of heads.

I have box of bits and pieces that will come with the car which I just haven’t got round to doing i.e. a Toyota service kit (oil, sparks and filters) which I’ll do if I get some free time. There are some new front lower arms which it doesn’t need but came up at a good price. These are quite expensive items so seemed silly to turn them down. Also, new drop links, 2nd hand yellow injectors and a MAF riser (google Caps MAF mod for info), battery cut off and more.

My build thread is available to see here. Please bare in mind that I’ve not written about absolutely everything I’ve done and there are probably bits and pieces that I’ve now done since the last post: -

General information about the car/project:
The kit uses a lexan tinted RS200 rear window (purchased from Evo200) and lexan side windows with sliders. The doors retain the electric MR2 windows as well so you can still make full use of the Toyota alarm system. Call it double glazing for extra safety.

The door skins and sills are the only parts bonded on. Everything else is removable if for some reason you ever wanted to re-shell.

The rear end (clam) is hinged at the front and does lift but I found this to be more trouble than its worth as its just a bit too heavy, hence the external fuel filler cap. If you want to lift it, its best to remove the rear window which is held in with bolts and captive nuts. There are also a couple of screws underneath, electrical connectors, and the mesh on the roof intake which would need to come out. It does however make it very easy to access the engine bay so great for working on. I’d briefly looked into pneumatic struts and also a sort of cantilever type assembly that you might get on an ottoman bed. I think either of these could potentially be used/modified to work with some strengthening plates on the clam itself.

The roof has been modified to incorporate a bigger scoop to mimic the EVO model of the RS200.

I have a spotlight pod for the bonnet which has not been rubbed down/sprayed/fitted etc. This will come with the car.

The car uses Mk2 Golf headlights and modified wiring utilising a relay to function correctly. It has Sierra sapphire rear lights but retains the original MR2 wiring and bulb holders. Sierra front and side indicators. The spots are Ring Rally Giants with Hella covers.

The wing mirrors are from a mk2 mondeo and I think suit the car well.

The interior is pretty much standard, apart from the rear luggage boxes which have been removed. They were in a bit of a state so decided not to put them back. You could say it gives it a bit more of a rally feel. The red seats matched the original RS200 ones and its finished off with a Ford badge on the steering wheel.
The rear subframe is in good nick and has been given a coat of paint for protection.

The paint used on the body panels is Simoniz extra tough, satin black. Yes its rattle cans but the finish is genuinely very good. The paint is super easy to blend if needed. I’ll include any spare tins I’ve got.

The car has been re-registered as a black Toyota MRS200 coupe so its all above board and legal. It is classed as a radically modified vehicle and therefore did not require an IVA as no alterations have been made to the chassis.

Modifications (apart from bodywork) are as follows:
Tein 30mm lowering springs
17” League Tantrum alloys resprayed gold with good tyres and RS center caps
Tuner wheel nuts
Hubcentric wheel spacers – 16mm at the front and 40mm at the back
Toyosport decat manifold
Malian center exit exhaust
Re-routed K&N induction filter
Custom center console with digital gauges. Only the volts gauge works. The others require plumbing in but senders are included.

Looking for £9500 ono

I have an idea what the car is worth based on others that have sold in the past and could be classed as cheap when compared to full on replicas. I’m not interested in swaps and will not ship overseas. Once the cash is in my hand, you can do with it as you please. Viewings are welcome but best done on a dry day as the garage is a bit cramped. If you want a test drive, I’ll need to see proof that you’re covered to drive other vehicles.
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