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Looks really nice!

Something things that might help, this is from the SVA days - from 2007 so some things may have changed since then:
  • Bottom of the dash radius - I used pipe insulation foam covered in interior fabric
  • Car front / rear axle weights
  • Any sheet metal, inc the bonnet edges need rubber on them
  • Check for any brake lines near the exhaust and add heat shielding if needed
  • Mirrors - check the current rules make sure you can see, I needed convex glass to pass the test (I then later changed to bullet style mirrors with convex, but they'd have failed due to surface area size)
  • One of the check they do it a emergency stop test to make sure the front locks before the rears
  • Check the exhaust tips are not within the radius cones/test area. If they are they need to pass the radius test. I added a bar to the rear of the car so the exhaust tips were outside the testable area. (See:

Some stuff from my first SVA attempt and what failed:

SVA Fixes:

SVA Gallery:

Common SVA issues for Sportsters:
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