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Originally Posted by SteveD View Post
Hi Peter
The first failure was on an Alfa Romeo GTV (1969) when the seals failed and all the brake fluid was sucked into the engine, hey presto - no brakes!
The second time the servo started to hang on, the car would stop but the brakes didn't release immediately culminating in an embarrasing struggle to get going at a set of traffic lights.
More modern servos incorporated into the master cylinder / pedal box asssemblies are more reliable but I still prefer my brakes without assistance.
I find I can easily lock all the wheels on my Scimitars in the dry and they sail through MOTs.
What car are you building?
Thanks for the feedback. I'm building a rather unconventional Royale Sabre.
So if I understand you correctly, the servos were Alfa Romeo parts?
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