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Paul L - Thank you for your sound advice and the photos, valuable as always.
I'm intending to keep it as simple as possible and I'm hoping to avoid cutting the body and wheel arches if possible. I'm ok with it not being perfect, and I know I would end up chasing my own tail if I would try to make it perfect. However, it is good to get as much info/references as possible (not many Miglia builds are on the forum compared to Sammio) in order to find the best position before bonding the body permanently.

DerbyDreamer - thanks a lot, the photos are very helpful.

My frame also has different left and right bonnet rails, but luckily it is not difficult to modify this if necessary.

I saw you are using the original bulkhead, but I can't see any of photos from your old posts on your thread, so I thought I'll ask a few questions.

You can see in the picture I've posted that I have an alignment problem at the front. There is a big difference in distance from the front bonnet opening edge to the front frame rail on the left side compared to the right.

Can I just ask, now you have the body in position, how much difference in distance have you ended up with please? The measurement will do, but if you have a photo similar to mine, that would be great.

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