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Mr T – I’m sure your Sammio building experience will stand you in good stead for this build.

Especially, if there is going to be some serious ‘cutting and shutting’ work required.

It certainly looks like you’ve already done a nice job on the Spitfire chassis.

A couple of quick questions from me:
- Does the Puma engine come with a lot of alarm sensors, and the like, that you need to keep / bypass?
- Would you consider a bonnet bulge to make things fit, or must the original 356 lines remain ‘pure’?

I like the idea of using Spitfire floor pans within your internal frame structure.
( As the butchered Spitfire bulkhead in my ‘Frankenstein’ build gives the front foot wells a factory look. )

Are you going to re-use any other parts from the Puma, such as the pedals and master cylinders?

If so, it might be worth recycling whole sections of the Puma bulkhead within your framework.

Good luck, Paul.

I was all set to ask what the “Bugless” part of your title referred to.
As initially I thought it was a reference to an obscure Outlaw builder, someone like Emory or Singer.
Thankfully, I finally worked out it was a reference to the absence of Beetle parts.
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