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Default GAZ Adjustable Shocks and Coil Springs

Hi all,

I have bought a pair of front GAZ ride/height adjustable shock absorbers and I am seeking a bit of advice/opinion on the springs rating and their unfitted length most suitable for me to buy.

I know that Mister Towed opted for 180lb and 11 inch unfitted length springs for his Spider, with 6 cylinder engine.

I also know that Dave Cymry at the end opted for 200lb, 9 inch unfitted length springs for his Miglia, also with 6 cylinder engine.

From Dave's pictures it seems that the ride height was easy to adjust, but I would like to check if I have understood the adjustment description. I was reading that it started with the shock height adjuster 2 inches from the lowest setting and by raising the shock adjuster further up (and compressing the spring more?) the front end was raised - is that correct please?

My car is fitted with 4 cylinder Spitfire 1500 engine, so it's a bit lighter and I have to lower the front end of the car probably 2-3 inches.

I have a feeling that 180lb rating would be ok for my car, but I am not sure about the most suitable unfitted length to be able to lower the car sufficiently.

I apologise if I sound a bit confused, but I am a little… ….any advice is helpful and welcome.

Thank you.

Cheers, Deni.
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