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Default Private plate

Back in July I was looking for a nice mumble plate for my tribute 250. I thought F250 WTF. would be quite a cool player. (Use your imagination s as to what WTF stands for). I contacted DVLA and they said that the plate has never been allocated and they would put it up for auction if I liked. Of course I said yes and he sure enough in Feb they told me the timed auction would be held in March.
Starting price was £130 plus fees etc so I started bidding. My max was £300 plus fees which would be £500 plus in the end. Unfortunately someone bid against me😩. After a couple of extra bids they are winning at £320 plus fees.
Itís gone too high for me now so if anyone on here as deeper pockets than me and want a great plate for their 250 then log on to DVLA timed auctions. Bidding stops at 11am tomorrow morning!!!
Good luck
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