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Default Rear Window in

Hi guys,

finally the rear window is in. Took some professional hands (plus my scabby ones), one scoping attempt (i.e. thinks it will go in), one failed attempt (i.e. not a hope in hell getting the top in) and then removal of about 5mm all around the screen edge and re-priming.

Net result - third attempt, She's a tight one, but a bit of lube in the right places and she's in.....

Going to leave the ali trim out until I decide what next steps are with it and paint etc as it may come back out again and the trim is the expensive bit and will damage easily.

Left to do:
- Finish doors - fixings and lock
- Finish wheel arches - 90% done need some self manufactured fixings.
- Finish grille - Need to Ali weld the slats together
Finish rear bootlid locking/securing mechanism.
- Last look over things and drive on D plates to the testing station for either the good news, or the "more to do" news......Getting close.

Rear Window 3

Rear Window 2

Rear Window 1
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