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Hi peeps,

Finally had some time and opportunity to work on the car....

I have experimented with modification of the seats in order to get the height of the back rest right. The base of the seats is a bit wide, so if I raise the seats the backrest sticks out too much. However, by raising the seats I am gaining more space to move the seats left and right and I can position them more towards the centre of the hump. This is just a mock up before I decide to cut the original frame.

This is a work in progress and I will continue experimenting with this as I really want to end up using these seats.


This is approximately what I'm aiming to achieve.



I've used a Ford Focus backrest and chopped it to see how it could look when it's done.


However, to not lose a lot of time with this at this stage, I bought a pair of Spitfire MK4 seats which I will use in the meantime. They have a much narrower base and are easy to position. I will clean and recondition the leather, so they will look nice when it's done.

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