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Default Exhaust Mods

As the car is back from paint , and Iíve added a thread about putting all the bright work on the car and finishing the build/restoration. There was one thing really bugging me and that was the way the exhaust tips looked.every time I looked at it it just didnít look right and when the car went off to paint it actually scraped on the ground as the car went up on to the transporter. So I set about some templates to change the angle in keeping with the original. I searched the web and found a company who were absolutely brilliant Jetex Exhausts I spoke to Neil who was actually still working through this difficult corona virus pandemics, he had what I needed in stock and send the parts out immediately.Lucky I have some time on my hands so set about changing the way the exhaust exited. The system is a 4 into 2, into two separate stainless baffle boxes in stainless steel, so the actual exhaust is in great shape, just the exit sections that looked naff. Chuffed with how itís come out.
Onto the next things that need doing. 🥴 lol
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