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Thanks for the replies.
I have a mate at work who is trying to get me to fit an Alfa v6. I have reservations because I think they normally sit leaning over to one side which is a complication for the install and also shifts the weight further back which I am trying to avoid. Not too cheap either for the busso. The later 3.2 GM engines aren't so popular with the purists so maybe easier and cheaper to get hold of.
Kon, it's a good point about the other VR engines. The 2.8 could be an option but it feels a bit like second best if we are going down that route. And, our car already weighs 500kgs without any drive train so it's going to be up around 750 ish when built. So it's going to need as much grunt as possible to stop it looking like a race car but performing like a milk float.
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