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Default New Mx250 Build


A quick introduction

I am TheLaughingCow (my friends call me martyn)

Im in Essex, ive been into the classic mini scene my whole life.

A regular poster on online mini forums and my daily drive is a 1978 mini clubman saloon.

For years ive been trying to find a mint reasonably priced Triumph GT6,
(not everyones cup of tea i know!)

i must be a sucker for poorly built british rustboxes

then i stumbled across the MX250 kit..... WOW imediately i knew i have to make one of these. I've had two mx5s eunos imports before and i love the way they handle (almost as good as a mini!) the last 2 months relentless rain has caused an abundance of viable donor cars, so what better time!!

This week i took the plunge and ordered the Mx250 kit.

I have already sourced the donor car, a Manual eunos v spec with LSD, aircon power steering, tan leathers. came with plenty of sellable extras, a new tan roof fitted(with heated glass screen) 2 sets of original mazda wheels, tan torneau, a full car cover
even had full tank of petrol, MOT and 8 months Tax
all for 600
only needs some minor sill repairs, (my job for next week)

my build notes are as follows

* Im not building a ferrari replica, just a classic looking fastback coupe
* want it ready for spring 2014
* as many mod-cons as possible
* once assembled and prepped, vehicle will be vinyl wrapped
as a demonstrator for (colour undecided)
* Must be FAST
* Must be LOUD

i will add some donor car pics
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