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Jag - D’Oh!

I wouldn’t mind, but I only bought this type of polisher after following another build.

Although, the final finish on this car looked good enough to me.

Thanks for the offer of a demonstration, but I will wait until I’m back on the road before a trip to Egham.
( I loved the photos of you and Andy/ericholm together. )

Molleur – Well I certainly should have listened to Jag when he suggested swapping a brush for a roller.

Swifty – Cheers.

Quick Update - No car time available this evening, so I will try to get a bit more sanding done during the week.

I'm meeting my mate tomorrow night and I will check if he has the correct type of polisher.
( As he has sprayed a couple of cars and I've previously borrowed his compressor to spray a motorcycle. )

Take care, Paul.
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