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Lots of progress over the past few months.

Wiring is just about complete and ready for final testing. I have used Superseal connectors for the front and rear lights with a fuse/relay panel under the dash which brings together all of the wiring. I decided to purchase an electronic fan controller for the the princely sum of 2.46 have seen very positive reviews on a triumph forum.

The cockpit is just about boxed-in now and the dash is looking how I want it to be. I have decided to stick with the 2 x Herald gauges as the cost of getting them reconditioned is about the same as a new set of after market ones.

My plan is to get all the mechanical and electrical elements 'set to work' over the next few weeks and then put the car through an MOT so that I can take it on the road in an unpainted condition. Found a local bodyshop guy who has offered to take the rough body, fair/finish and paint for 1000!!!! I know this guy has a number of part-time jobs but have first-hand experience of his work.

Thats all for now.

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