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Thanks everyone for your contributions.

Back out on the car this afternoon - first chance since the Christmas break.

Conscious that my compression and misfire problems are unlikely to be connected, and before purchasing any new components, I decided to replace the female connectors on the end of the wires that go to the coil. Defintely 'clutching at straws'!!

Ran the engine and the same misfire started occuring. But then I suddenly noticed a spark refelcted in the shiny vacuum unit which is attached to the distributor. First guess was that I have a crack in the distributor cap but, given I didnt have a spare to hand, I decided to elimenate the Dysnamo first. Unplugged the two female connectors from the Dynamo, ran the engine and misfire has disappeared. Engine sounds sweet under both low and high revs - albeit I am just running under no load in the garage.

I had given the Dynamo a full test before putting it onto the engine a few months ago. So my first thought is that there must be something wrong with the wiring or the Control Box. But can anyone suggest how the Dynamo could be the root cause for a misfire under load? Could this be the cause of the weak spark leading to the "eight stroking" suggested earlier?
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