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Cool Wow! A motoring event...

Yesterday's sortie in the A352 was to the Classics Day at The Cotswold Wildlife Park at Burford. If memory serves, this is the first motoring event I've attended this year. I've been attending this event since the first one in '91 when the organiser hoped to get 100 Specials - he 'only' got 99. One of my favourites from the 90s was the visually uninspiring but historically important Austin Seven based Lotus Mk2, the earliest survivor of ACBC's creations.

It's about 40 miles from home but the destination lends itself to a very scenic cross country route. The A352 behaved itself impeccably although I noticed that my oil temperature gauge has packed up, investigation required. On arrival I was directed to the not so special parking area away from the retro gems, amongst which some cheeky monkey had parked an inappropriate Q reg. Nova. Naughty, and not worth a picture.

I'd seen nearly everything on display in previous years with the exception of this glorious racing Tornado Talisman in not quite Ecurie Ecosse blue.

Its pristine engine bay sported a pre-crossflow Ford mill on twin sidedraughts, proper eye candy.

A really good day out at long last!

Regards, Mick

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