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Exclamation Strange Days.

Back in March, I had just given the A352 the once over for its MOT when, on the 25th, came the announcement of the six month moratorium. As quarantining (I loath the Yankspeak 'L' word) had begun nine days earlier, like the good citizen that I am, I decided to not press ahead.

Fast forward to yesterday when I logged on to the DVLA site with my V11Z to hand to 'tax' the beast. WTF? I can't do it unless I declare it to be MOT exempt? A little investigation revealed that the moratorium wasn't effective until 30 March, my due date being the 29th. Silly me, learning four and a bit months late that I'd passed up on my 15 day infection spreading window. Why have one date when you can have three?

Anyway, armed with the knowledge that I needed a test, (and that I'd been here there and everywhere without one) I got on the blower to my ever helpful test station who said "Bring it down now (0845), leave it, and we'll do it today". Brilliant, except that the forecast showed a high percentage chance of heavy showers PM. I took my reading glasses and (recommendation alert) China Mieville's award winning 'Kraken' with me, explained my weather concerns to the boss, parked on the verge opposite in the blazing heat and read for about an hour when said boss took pity and told me to come back at 1230 prompt. On punctual return a new (to me, and very complimentary) tester did the honours straight away and I'm now legal.

Moral of the story? Read the small print!

Regards, Mick

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