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Question Help!!!

Having been messing about with old British car engines for well over five decades, I thought I could fix about anything. However, I'm now completely stumped .

On my way back from the Specials Day on 10 August I was a few miles from home, the car having run perfectly, when there was a sudden loss of power. Gentle use of the throttle enabled me to get home, but it felt as though I only had about 500cc under the bonnet. My first checks were on the ignition system, but the points were gapped correctly; the pip in the cap was secure and its spring functioning; the leads were all secure both ends; the coil connections firm. Next port of call was the in line fuel filter, checked out OK. Disconnected the fuel feed at the carb's, ignition and fuel pump on - gusher! Right, I thought, it has to be the pesky Strombergs, AKA carb's from hell. Bought new air filters, fitted same, no different. Removed carb's (I can do this blindfold now), dismantled them and reassembled after yet more cleaning of pistons, checking components, lubing linkages and cables etc. and resetting as per book. No different.

This weekend I went through the whole rigmarole yet again. No different. The symptoms are: on starting, it performs perfectly for two or three hundred yards then reverts to 500cc mode. Despair.

What say you?

Regards, Mick
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