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Originally Posted by oxford1360 View Post
Morning Mick, I would suspect the coil. Do you have one you can swap in? As you probably know, if they are on their way out they can become erratic when they get warm. Makes it difficult to diagnose because everything is hunky dory when the engine starts.
Yesterday, at last, the weather gods smiled on me. I'd changed the coil for a known good one (borrowed from the Monaco) last week. I'd immediately tried to start her, but the noise from the electric pump indicated that it would need priming - it does this when the level in the tank is very low. Tried syphoning from the Micra but no joy. I couldn't be fagged to uncover the Lotus and syphon from it so I went and got five litres in a can. Poured it in, primed the pump, disconnected the feed at the carbs, switched on - gusher! After all the palaver I couldn't face the possibility of failure so I covered her back over.

Anyway, back to yesterday. Refreshed from a quick blast in the Lotus I was full of hope for a result. Stupid boy! No change .

I'll try the condenser next, but how I feel at the moment I'm tempted to put her on eBay auction 'Spares or Repair' if I don't get a result.

Regards, Mick
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