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Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
Peter - I assume the cardboard was set in position for the measurement?
(And just left laying flat in the photo.)
I'd be tempted to bolt a cross brace bar between the two original pieces to form a triangle just in case.
(Assuming it wouldn't be in the way of any other fitting.)

Good luck, Paul.
Hi Paul,
many thanks for your feedback and the BIVA link. I haven't read the whole thread yet (25 pages!!) but the description of the IVA test and failure points are always good learning points.
The photo's have 'flattened' my spacer piece. It is actually a box with six sides that lifts the ruler off the seat by the required amount. It just looks flat in the photo's.
I also like your idea of a cross brace. I'm not sure it's needed but I think it will be relatively simple to add so I'll take a look next time I'm in the garage.
cheers, Peter
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