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Originally Posted by davecymru View Post
hummmmm, i'd not heard that one about chopping the front end metalwork before?

i'd got Gary to cut me my original floor pans and i certainly didn't chop any metalwork off the front and mine ended up ok. i admit that it doesn't lip under at the front as it's a bit high due to bulkhead/chassis rail differences (LONG story!), but even if i had the front lower and lipping over, i'm sure i would be fine?

I'll have a look tomorrow and see what the clearances on mine are like as you've got me thinking now!
Erm, not planning to cut any metalwork out of the bulkhead to fit the floors (well, apart from the rotten floorpan that needs replacing). My understanding is that you cut the floors to fit 1" inboard of outside the edge of the 'pans and taper them back to match the width of the rear outriggers at the back.

Over to you Gary...
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