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ok, I've got a bit of a dilemma - I'm confused as to what type of electrical loom to try and fit.
the car does not come with a loom, so presumably I could fit whatever I wanted to?
I was talking to a spitfire parts dealer and he mentioned that older spitfires like the mk3 - that had a dynamo, had a 12 volt system .... but the later mk4 cars had an alternator and a 6 volt setup but with 12 volts on startup (or something like that) - because of the points always burning out on the 12 v systems.

now the car i've bought has a 1500 spitfire engine and appears to have an alternator with it.

the question is - should I try and get a spitfire loom and then have the dilemma of whether to go 12v or 6v system, or should I get a generic kit car loom which would be much cheaper - and if so, will it affect the points or any other systems on the car adversly?


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