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Originally Posted by jeremy View Post
I, like many builders have fitted the dual servo kit that Mike supplied, and a tremendous asset it has proved to be. I have went a little further in terms of breaking this week . with the addition of bigger brakes and discs. I have my sportster as an E30 kit, which has 265mm brake discs. but I have and e36 m50 engine in it, with a few modified extra horses! I came across this site on the web
I thought this looked like a good budget way to attempt this and so the adaptor mounting brackets with bolts, and brake hoses adaptors, flew there way across the atlantic for about 50-60. I purchased the RX7 Fc 4 pots on ebay for 70, and rebuild seal kit for 20, and grooved/drilled discs for 70 [MTEC ebay], and my local engineers took 1mm off the centre bore for 20. It took about 1 hour to do both sides. Alas I tried to upload the pics, but after got a message to say a security token was needed,,,any ideas?? I have edited this as I hope some fotos from flickr are able to be seen at
That looks like a really neat, and cost effective, brake upgrade: a real bargain compared to the big brake kits on offer.

Have you driven it to know what kind of difference it makes?
Will you need to change the master cylinder to accommodate the extra volume of the 4 pots?
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