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Very nice indeed Roadster.

I'm still at the stage of gathering parts for my 356 project and I'm not going to rush as I want to do everything to a very high standard.

So far I have: a body, two chassis' ('67 Spit & '74 GT6), a Ford Puma 1.7 to donate its engine, fuel tank and loom, an RX8 five speed gearbox and lots of ideas.

Before getting on with the 356 I'm going to strip down and refresh my Spyder as it's getting a little tired here and there after four years of all-weather use. Before respraying it I'll be taking a mould from the (550) dash, which I'll be using in the 356 as I want it to have more of a race car look and feel.

Once I've refreshed my Spyder I'll be getting on with the 356 and it will be heavily influenced by a number of different racing Porsches, 550 and 718 Spyders, for example, and outlaw cars from the likes of Emory Motorsports, including rolling the doors under the sills. Probably.

As it'll have a front mounted radiator I'll be letting a pair of MGF air intakes into the front of the body close to where the brake cooling ducts are on late model 356's.

I've been retired for about six weeks now and I really don't know where I ever found the time to go to work. I've spent a fair bit of time pampering my wife - posh lunches at Sandringham, a surprise holiday to The Lake District, etc., and I've cooked all but half a dozen meals since I retired - , but now the weather's improving I'll be able to get on with the serious business of enjoying myself building cars.


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