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Default All Aluminium 1957 250 Testarossa

I thought I would start a new build thread for my 250 Testarossa project. I'll get some photos together to show the progress so far and see how it develops.

I managed to purchase a complete Scaglietti inspired, all aluminium body for a 1957 250 Testarossa by Giordanengo. This is an early pontoon fender car, an absolutely stunning looking vehicle and one of my all time favourites.
It is about as close as you will ever get to the real thing, the body was originally fitted to a genuine chassis 0611GT complete with 3 litre V12 and running gear. A tiny number of these cars were coach built by Giordanengo in Italy during the 1980's
The body is mostly straight but there are a few parts missing that I am going to have to fabricate from scratch, namely the scuttle panel and bonnet.

I'll soon be on the look out for a suitable chassis to mount the body onto. Whilst I would love to rebuild it around all Ferrari running gear once again, it is simply just about impossible to source front engine, rear wheel drive base cars at sensible money.

I am going to have to be creative and put my engineering skills to the test !

At the moment I'm thinking spaceframe Lotus 7 style chassis. The live axle cars share a very similar wheel base and track to the original 250 TR. I'm thinking V6 engine so it will at least sound right or close to that high revving V12.

This is going to be a fantastic project !!

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